Saturday, March 14, 2009

My New Banner

Did you see my beautiful new blog banner? The Crafty Miz Kristie made this for me and emailed it to me. I must be living right to have such wonderful friends. Paper crafting friends are the best, don't you agree? They enable inspire us and keep crafting FUN.

Speaking of paper crafting friends, the Design Divas are on a field trip tonight to Marti Wills' house (aka Pez-A Doodle!)

Then tomorrow I am going to Sue's to make 5 cards using the SU! set "Thoughts and Prayers" set.

Life IS good...


Leslie Hanna said...


Deanna Cosgrove said...

You got that right sister---life IS gooooooood! Love the new banner. You have such creative, giving friends. You ARE living right! :)

Can't wait until tonight........d

Kristie said...

You are too sweet! But it does look good...even if I do say so myself...LOL! Have a wonderful time with your crafting friends :)

Windy Hills said...

Love the new banner--very classy just like YOU! Can't wait to see the cards that you make today. You make the best!

lauren said...

oooooooooooh babeeeeeeeeeee!

now THAT is one ♥fabu-FLIPPIN-tastic♥ banner! so much so that yes, i have had to great a brand new, compound superlative, especially in its honor!!!

:) :) :)

(viggo would definitely approve of this, as well!!!) ;)