Friday, September 4, 2009

3 Reasons to Celebrate!

1st: Cuttlebug Challenge blog is turning one year old, which means lots of prizes and a birthday theme for the entire month of September :)
#2: Great blog friends. Look at the royal mail I received from my sweet and uber talented blog friend, Chris Dark. She is the most talented copic marker colorer I know. She also sketches her own digital stamps...very classy!
#3: This is my furry daughter, Skeeziks. She is now 19 years old! Looks pretty good for an old lady, doesn't she?
One of my students brought me Skeeziks and her brother, Sadie in October 1990. It was love at first sight. I call them my first set of twins (if they are from the same litter, that counts as twins, right?) I took them to the vet the next day, and the vet guessed at their birthday to be ~the end of August. We chose to make their birthday September 4th (DH's b-day is Dec. 2nd, mine Oct. 7th, so the 4th is roughly in between 2 and 7.) Sadly, we had to put Sadie to sleep when they were 14 years old. He had cancer. I still miss him so much. We still have his sweet sister, and we treasure every day that she is with us. Her arthritis does bother her some, but otherwise she seems to be doing well. She has always been petite (7 lbs at her heaviest ~ age 10-12). I took her to the vet in May because I found a lump behind her ear and because she is down to about 4 lbs. Her blood work came back fine, but we keep a close eye on her.

We are going out of town for Labor Day weekend, so I will be absent from blogging. I will try to catch up next starts Tuesday :)


Tara said...

Gorgeous card June, I adore that image and your colouring is beautiful!
What a sweet cat too, you must really tresure her and I hope she has many years left in her yet!
Hugs Tara xx

Alysabeth said...

Lovely card June:o) The button grounds it perfectly!

Windy Hills said...

The coloring is exceptional and the pesentation is not over done.
GREAT job!

kim-paperbabe said...

Wonderful sweet June your card is adorable, lovely colouring and your reasons to celebrate are fabulous! Your cat looks so cute! Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments, Have a great weekend HuGs Kim ♥

Cindy said...

I think your card is fabulous, June! I just love that image and everything else of Mo's!

Super sweet looking kitty, too! Can't believe she's 19!!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Your Cuttlebug B-day card is just fabulous June!

What a sweet kitty. We just got a kitten this past spring, how wonderful if we could have her as long as you've had your little girl!

(-: Heidi

lauren said...

♥happy birthday, c-bug blog!♥



(plus happy labor day mini-break miss june...happy back-to-school julia & kathryn...did i miss any occasions in here??!) :)

Debbie said...

June, your card is just gorgeous!!!! And your Kitty, well she's beautiful!! She could be my Kittie's sister! My Kellie is about 7 lbs max, although she's now 16 yrs old and is a little slimmer than previous. After all, she is a little old lady I guess we should expect that!! Kellie had kittens when she was about 6 months old, she had a litter of 11, which was alot for that little body of hers. We've had her since she was about a year old (after kitties, thank goodness!) We have 2 larger sized doggies and they all get along great, she will often try and get them to chase her across the room, so I know she's still feeling pretty good. I'll post a pic of Kellie, she really does look like your pretty girl!! Four pounds is tiny for your Skeeziks, but seniors do lose weight and become smaller so I would guess than animals do too.

Also, we don't know when Kellie's is either so we chose the first day of Fall. And weird thing, MY birthday is Dec. 2nd too, DH is a month before yours on Sept. 7th. :-)
Thanks for sharing pics of your girl!

Rebekah Williams said...

Sheeziks looks like a loyal companion!

How was the first day of school? Did your girls do well?

Love your sock monkey cards, below. I'm working on two actual sock monkeys right now for Craft Hope. Seems like those little primates are popping up everywhere!

Hope your Labor Day was fabulous.

Chris said...

Your kitty is so cute June and 19 my goodness that's a great age and I hope she has many more birthdays! Glad your parcel arrived, looks like the sentiment is minus a letter LOL, perhaps it's floating somewhere in the pond :). Hugs, Chris x

Jenny Gropp said...

Awwwww -I love your little kitty! 19 is amazing! Aren't they just the best friends!