Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday & Anniversary Reminder Envelope mini book

I taught this class at Memories back in November 2006. The store kept my sample, but I had a class kit to make another in The Closet (capitalized due to the vast amounts of unmade class kits left from a few years of teaching at various stamping/scrapbooking stores.) Whenever I mention that I've been cleaning up my craft room, this does not include The Closet (I am fearful of even opening The Closet door!)

In November I overheard a dear girlfriend say she wanted to take a class to make a birthday reminder book. This same girlfriend is the busiest lady on the planet (trust me), so I thought this would be the perfect Christmas gift to make for her. I am supposed to see her on Wednesday, so I finally got around to making this for her. Phew! I am caught up from Christmas and there is one less kit in The Closet :)

  • 12x12 Bazzill card stock (3 yellow, 3 pink, 3 purple)
  • 2 patterns of 12 x 12 coordinating designer papers (3 BasicGrey Oh Baby Girl Natalie & 3 BG Oh Baby Girl Isabelle)
  • 3 yards of coordinating ribbons
  • embellishments (primas, metals, Making Memories calendar rub-ons, etc.)
  • computer generated quotes and inserts
  • 7 envelopes @ 5.25" x 7.25"
  • 3 @ 1" book rings
See the 6 tabs emerging from each envelope? This is what one looks like (above).
I cut each library pocket, then used a CM corner rounder to round the corners. The insert in the library pocket looks like this (below):

My bf Kaye was inspired by this birthday reminder book to make a Christmas planner. Kaye inspired me, and I made a Christmas planner tutorial for Cuttlebug Challenge blog.

I am snowed in. Literally. We have had a record snow fall Friday& Saturday of 34.5" for our area. I have never seen so much snow! I stocked up last Thursday for groceries and library books. I neglected to stock up on adhesive. This book used nearly all of my adhesive. What was I thinking? Another storm is coming in tomorrow (perhaps 6"-12" more). I hope my dh will take me to Michael's or JoAnn tonight to buy lots of adhesive. It is quite possible that my children may not have school all week, so I may not get much crafting time, but needing adhesive is equivalent to bread, milk, and toilet tissue :)


Deanna Cosgrove said...

That is adorable. What a thoughtful gift. Good luck w/seeing your friend on Wed, tho ;)
Thinkin' no school for the entire week, but that's just me. Guess we need to postpone AGAIN on Friday---bummer! Glad you are crafting. I have been too, finally!

Chris said...

Superb June and so beautifully made! Your tutorial is great too, such a lot of effort which is very much appreciated. I have to make something similar in a few weeks for the Craft Barn along slightly different lines but such a co-incidence. I'm sure your friend was over the moon with her gift, everything about it is so pretty. Hope you're well sweetie and have had a good few weeks since I was last here. Big hugs, Chris

Windy Hills said...

Fabulous, beautiful, and made by a lovely lady.

Leslie Hanna said...

I have seen The Closet, and it is a vast treasure trove of scrappy goodness, even if it does resemble my craft room, formerly known as The Other Room.

And being snowed in without adhesive is almost worse than having no bread, milk, or TP. No, it IS worse!!! GET TO THE STORE, PRONTO!


dining room tables said...

It has been my goal to make something like this. I have lots of ideas but I really don't know where to start.

joy said...

Love this project June--very cute. Hope you get some crafting in this week with the girls--tell your snowbunnies hi for me!

Kay said...

June, talk about fabulous! And what a great way to stay organized. LOVE it! Thank you for sharing the photos, I feel like I'm actually there! Hopefully, you were able to get out and buy some more adhesive! ♥♥ Kay

Kard Queen said...

This is a magnificent book and a great way to use up all the scraps. Hope you never run out of adhesive!

lauren said...

ooooooooooooooooh! this is the book you were talking about the other day & it DID INDEED come out awesomely well! plus what a brilliantly kind & thoughtful gift!!! this will be treasured FOREVER, i guarantee!♥♥♥

re the essentials & the snow: dude! you could *MAKE* bread, and drink water, but there is NO substitute for adhesive!!! (ok, ok, you've GOT me on tp tho!!!)

Silli said...

Hello sweet June, your book is beautiful, such a great project!!!! Love this so much...Hugs and happy day!

Tracy said...

oh i remember this one! :-) have you been able to give it to Mary (i presume she's the recipient?)?
i cant go to sue's this week... waaah.. work...