Monday, March 12, 2012

I am definitely NOT a robot

  I have been away from blogland for far too long.  Last autumn my dh & I were busy purging every closet, cabinet, and drawer in our home (the most difficult task was my craft room, of course!)  We were so pleased with our efforts that I  *thought*  things would slow down by the time we put our house on the market on February 1st.  I miss YOU, my blogland friends, and your creations.  Actually, life has been on fast forward ever since February 1st :)

  I did not count on all the traffic and disruption to my daily routine for people coming to see the house.  A good problem to have, right?  Both of my children (who are diagnosed with Autism) had trouble adjusting to having to leave the house 3-5 times each day.  Fortunately on February 12th we received TWO offers on our home and a little bidding war began.  The market is definitely picking up!

  So then we needed to find a new home.  I love looking at houses!  We have found a house that I think we will really enjoy (hopefully until we are very very old.)  It is just 11 miles away in a town that we have always wanted to relocate to.  We hope this is our last move.  We close in two weeks.  The past few weeks I have been packing boxes (am I ever glad we purged already) and making cards to auto-post on my blog.

  Yes, my dining room, living room, and family room is all packed.  My dh has packed a small fraction of the garage and I have done part of the kitchen.  This past weekend I even finished packing all of the girls' toys in the basement and two closets in the basement.  We even filed our 2011 taxes yesterday!  I can not bring myself to start packing my craft room...

  We will be moved into our new home by April 1st.  Just two months from the day we put our home on the market.  Then the unpacking will begin, which I much prefer to the packing :)

  So in my "spare" time (packing-avoidance) I have tried to visit YOU, my blog friends.  I discovered this message on some blogger comment boxes:


 I am definitely NOT a robot.  I tried to leave a comment 10 times for a very dear blog friend but to no avail.  I have very good eyesight for a 45yo (20/20 and 20/30 in each eye) and I sometimes can not read those crazy passwords.  Am I the only one?  I understand why some bloggers have to use this; luckily I very rarely get a spam comment, but I have some dear blog friends that remove this and get loads of spam comments.  It is just very frustrating to me that these word verifications take up so much time since I am a hunt-and-peck typer and I am not adept at deciphering the word verification!

  Anyway, I wanted you to know what I am up to and so you would understand why I probably will not be around much the first half of April either (thank goodness for Blogger auto-posting!)

  Happy (almost) Spring!


Unknown said...

Congrats on your new home. We just moved not long ago ANSI can relate in the moving an unpacking. I hope all goes well.

Tami B. said...

Congratulations on the new house & on selling the current one too. How long are you gonna try to hold off packing up the craft room?
As for the word has a lot of people in an uproar it seems. I know I can't stand it. Best wishes with the move-don't forget to take pictures to show us.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Congrats again on the new home!! So exciting .... and I am dying over the new word verification too!! Craziness!!

li-bee-ti said...

My dear, these are great news! Big congrats on selling and buying in no time.
I wish you a pleasent adjustment to your new place.
As for word verfication, I agree with you. I turned it off on my blog.
Take good care and good luck!

Ros said...

Congrats to you ... I'm so glad you found a home that suits your needs ... sending very best wishes for love and happiness to dwell with you

Unknown said...

Good luck with the new home. I totally agree about word verification.

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

I'm not a robot either and if I were, perhaps I could decifer those darn letters a little better. lol. I hear you. I need to have my DH check mine to make sure mine is off. Thanks for the reminder!

congrat's on your house selling and I hope you get into the house of your dreams.

Amy said...

Congrats on selling and buying! I bet you can't wait to settle into your new home. It is no fun living out of boxes. I am with you on the robot thing- those stupid letters are ridiculous (I some new readers)! :)Amy

Missy said...

Glad everything is going well in your corner if the world June----ick, packing & moving stinks, I so don't like that part, but it's so worth it in the end!! I have been frustrated with word verification as well, now it seems it is much more difficult to read and there are two words, not just one! Hopefully they will change it again eventually!!!

Deena said...

So glad to hear you found a grea house that will work for you. Hope the adjustment is a smooth one. I am sure it will be quite the transition for your family. We are getting cabin fever in our house at this point too and it is so tempting to do the same thing.

Trish and Treasure said...

Hi June,
Thanks for the update, sounds great with the move going to plan. I love how you are so organised, and there is nothing like a deadline! My daughter got herself the part of Annie in an professional Australian production of Annie and we are so excited! I know what you mean about word verification, it can be so frustrating! Especially when you are time poor as well. All the best for the move!! Hugs Trish

Ruth G said...

Congrats on selling your home and finding a new home so quickly! That's awesome! And I'm totally with you about how hard some of those verification words are. When they mix the black and white within letters and then skew them, I often fail to read them correctly (and I need glasses, but have no trouble reading most things with them on.) Maybe it's a big joke and the letters can only be read by the robots!

Sherrie K. said...

Congrats on your new house! How exciting!! I am with you on word verification-it stinks..and ya can't read them...Ugh!
Sherrie K

Linda said...

Congratulations on selling your house and getting a new one. Way to go.
Oh those words are making me crazy too. I don't see well and it is very hard for me to do those some times.
I get spam so I guess I don't have them on my blog. I hope not.
Boy I would never have known you have been so busy you have been keeping up your blog so well. I really don't know how you do it all. I am so amazed by you.

Tina said...

Congrats on all you've accomplished and on your new home. Yes, I agree many of those passwords you must type to prove you are not a robot are so hard to read and add so much time to blogging.


Unknown said...

That is so exciting. Good luck with your move my friend.

Hugs, Linda

Heather said...

Hi June, lots of good wishes with your housing moving!!! I hope it all goes well and brings you much love and joy!!!
As for trying to be a ROBOT - no comment - it causes me bad language!!
Heather xx

~amy~ said...

super ginormous congrats on the selling/buying of homes!

Oh don't get me started on the word vision isn't so good so it's especially frustrating to me...

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Congrats on selling your house. Congrats on finding a new home. The word verification is a pain in the ...
Surprises me sometimes when I have no idea what the letters are and it accepts what I type and then 3, 4 or more times it keeps telling me I'm incorrect. The robot nonsense is crazy and I do not have word verification on my blog.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

An'Jenic G. said...

Congrats! And I understand the Robot thing. I took mine off. Woo Hoo! Cant wait to see you post and later in the year post. AJ!

Rose said...

congrats on the sale and purchase of your new home!!!
i hate the new WV!!! i have stopped even trying to read the squiggly words.

Shelly said...

Sending you well wishes for a safe an easy move:)
The new WV is so annoying and I hope I have changed mine correctly (I'm not so techy)if you happen to notice it come up on my comments, please let me know and I'll try to fix it.
Take care June!

Dee Burns said...

June, congrats on the new home. It's all worth it in the exciting.
I agree, word verification stinks. Blogger tells you it's to keep from having Robo spam, blah, blah, blah...just fix it
I thought I was already a follower, but followed you again, I
Have a great weekend!
Dee B
PS How is your Kitty cat?