Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gettin' buggy

It's been a little quiet out there...in bloggerland. Not a lot of new posts when I run through my daily blog favorites the past few days. Some ladies were at CHA and shared some wonderful photos of new products! Are the rest all reading Harry Potter? (Lucky gals...I let my husband have first dibs. I'm re-reading book #6 while he reads book #7). I find myself talking to the computer and chanting, "new post, new post..." All these wonderful blogs inspire me. Ahhh, but then I realize I've been a hypocrite and only posted a couple of time myself LOL! On Sunday I woke up with a cold/allergy something. It has knocked me off my feet both Sunday & Monday. I hope today will be better. When I take decongestants, I sleep a little, then I get wired but very fuzzy headed, even the ones without antihistamines. After the "wired" stage passes, I'm totally beat and off my feet again. Ah, so this is why I'm awake at 4am and babbling on my blog. This is wired stage. I hope this blog entry is coherent! My husband poses the following test question to assess exactly how bad I feel,"do you want to lay down while I watch the girls, or do you want to go in your craft room for a little while?" Isn't he a keeper? 16 years of marriage and he still cracks me up :) I don't have any brain power right now to create. So, during the "wired" stage, I've been blogging or going in my craft room and completing all the cards I've started recently. (Like the embossed card and birdie friend card from Sunday posting.) So today's post are cards I started last week, inspired by others, and completed today. The card on the left I CASEd from my friend Vera (see her post here: http://cropsandcards.blogspot.com/2007/07/ladybug-petals.html). I added acetate to the front of mine to protect the daisy ovals, but in the picture you can no longer see the lady bug's flight path. The lady bug is QK. The card on the right is a make-n-take my SU! consultant (Sue) had us do last week at her open house, but I did not finish it until today. I did the stamping and brought her home. Isn't that a super cute card? I love it! I did change two small details. Sue drew the flight path and the antennaes on her card. I used a paper piercer for the flight path and QK for the antennae. (I punched the lady bug body from black cs with QK and cut off the body. The QK head was too small for this body so I glued it under the circle Sue provided for her head. Get it?) So, no new creations for me, but my craft room is looking a bit better! It looked like a bomb went off in there, but now that I've completed a few cards that were in piles on my craft room table and cleaned up the supplies, it is a little neater in there, which makes me feel better :)


Corie said...

Great lady cards. Love them both. Hope you are feeling beter -- and are able to get some sleep. 4am, I thought I was the only one up at that time of day.

Ingrid said...

Great cards, June. I also like your other cards posted yesterday and on Sunday.

I hope you feel better today.

Take care, Ingrid

Tracy said...

wired huh? lol... i can tell - that's the longest post you've done i think :-)!!!
i love the cards - i like your flight path done with the piercer - looks really good.
and you're right - D is a keeper :-) and you know he's pretty darned lucky too!

mum on the run said...

Both totally cute cards!!

I've had Harry Potter 7 for 4 days but can't get time to get stuck in :(

Vera Matson said...

Hey June! Your ladybugs turned out really cute!