Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coaster Calendar

This week at Betty Bee's Buzz our theme is "calendar." I made this coaster calendar just for ME to put in my craft room. This is a picture of me and my dd Julia snuggling last January. I love Julia snuggles :)
Pictured above are February (me & my sweet sweet sister), March (K&J), April (Kathryn) and May (Julia).
June (my dad &with K&J), July (Julia @ beach), August (K, me, J, and my Grandma), and September (Kathryn).
October (Kathryn), November (my family), and December (dh shoveling snow).

What does your new calendar look like? I hope YOUR New Year's resolution is to make something for yourself :) For more calendar ideas, head over to Betty Bee's Buzz!


Shauna {SK Studios} said...

what a fabulous project, June!! i'm loving how unique each month is! :D great job!! not to mention this is a perfect project to use up some scraps- I might have to give this a whirl! :D thanks for the inspiration ;)

Just Call Me Grammy said...

What a fun project...I need something to get started again, this might be perfect! Thanks for sharing.

Amy Sheffer said...

Love this, June! What a great thing for your craft room! Love seeing all the pictures of your family!!

lauren bergold said...

HOW COOL is this awwwwwwwwwwesome calendar??!?! (hint: it is VERY cool is arctic, basically! i need a sweater just to LOOK at it!) :) but apart from it's glorious appealingness...i especially LOVE that you made this FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (tho if any of the grandparents blurf, i fear you're going to be FORCED to make more o'these...or risk having this one "absconded with"!!!) ♥♥♥

Sandy Ang said...

What a fun way to recycle coasters!

Helen F. said...

Fabulous gift idea too, June. I love your beautiful family calendar!