Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Treats Cupcake Shape Card

I made this card on Wednesday using my new Cricut Sweet Treats cartridge that dh gave me for Christmas. (I just got my cricut in November and this is my 3rd time using it.) It took some trial and error learning how to get the different die cuts and what settings to use on various papers. I learned a lot and I am in love with my cricut!

What I learned: Multi Cut button and set blade on 4 to cut through textured card stock or 80 lb. card least this worked well for me. This did not mar my mat nor did I have bits of paper tears.
The next time I use my cricut will be much quicker and no mis-cuts :)

Happy Friday!!!


lauren bergold said...

ooooooooooooooh! not only do i ♥LOVE♥ this sweet treat of a card...(which i *DO*!) ...i really reallllllllly love that you are figuring out and sharing all these cricut tips so that someday if some of us GET ONE...we'll just ASK MISS JUNE!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Well ya coulda fooled me!! Sure looks like the pro to me!! This sorta makes me wanny a Cricut!

Tracy said...

i wondered if you'd been playing with your cricut. this is cuuuuute! i'd love to see more cricut stuff please :-)

Helen F. said...

Great card, June. Looks like you have the Cricut mastered! I don't have one, but a friend does, so many I will be content with using her's :o)