Monday, October 31, 2011

*Caution* Warning* Purging is Contagious! Urge to Purge Challenge: Day 10

*CAUTION*  If you are starting on the purge with me, it is contagious!  My dh actually purged his side of the garage (my side is always in perfect order.)  He did a fantastic job, and he did it in less than an hour.  The next day he purged his side of the closet and all of his dresser drawers.  I had a trunk full to take over to the donation center.  The closet looks fab too.  Yesterday morning dh made a comment on the crowded coat closet.  Our coat closet is teeny tiny and barely holds all of our coats and jackets.  I said, "Let's purge it!"  He said,"I was afraid you would say that."  But thirty minutes later we have a better organized closet and a few more items to donate in the trunk of our car.

  I am finding my purge spilling over to my other household chores.  I have now cooked everything that was 2 or 3 months old from my freezer.  There is nothing in my freezer older than 2 weeks right now!  I am planning meals around what is in the fridge too.  We had a small nearly-finished rotisserie chicken, a crown of broccoli, and some mushrooms that needed to be eaten.  Yesterday morning I made broth from the chicken carcass and we had broccoli mushroom soup for lunch.  Yum!  Next up: the pantry :)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:  craft room purge, DAY 9.
Today I purged this corner (BEFORE pic):
The rest of my house is so tidy, how does my craft room end up like this?

Plan of attack:

1.  That pile on the floor are my girls' artwork from this school year.  I have photo albums for the girls' artwork, but I am behind on this particular project.  I take pictures of most of it, then put the pictures their photo albums.  I keep one or two of my favorite pieces, then give the rest to their grandparents to fight over (LOL).  The rest goes in the trash.  I don't have time to tackle that right now, so I found an empty box, stuck it in there, and moved the box outside of my craft room.

2.  I cleaned up the piles on top of the shelves, putting things away that already have a place.  The piñata is from the girls birthday party; K wanted me to keep it.  Under the piñata is an Iris container that holds unfinished LOs.  It got moved outside the craft room too.  (My dh is freaking out a little about all the stuff outside my craft room right now!)

3.  Most of the stash in that shelving and stacked crates are scrapbooking kits leftover from my teaching days at two local scrapbooking stores.  I actually purged those last summer, so I kinda left them alone for now.

  I know I said I would not re-organize until I was done purging, but I did move the two identical white shelves together:

and moved the crates (scrapbook kits) across the room with the paper sorter:

Not perfect, but much tidier :)

Happy Halloween!!!


Arlene said...

Love the after picture!!! :) You are really purging...good for you! I need to do the same.

artfuldelight said...

WOW June, that's awesome. So I had to work until 7 last night (instead of 5). I thought the family would have eaten and the kids would be in bed by the time I got home. To my delightful surprise, Tony made dinner and everyone was waiting at the kitchen table when I got home. It was awesome to eat dinner as a family at the table. That hasn't happened since sometime in August. The bad news is my daughter "cleaned" off my craft stuff on the kitchen table to my other table. Now not that I had any rhyme or reason as to how my stuff was laid out (surprisingly in all the clutter and mess, I still kinda knew where things were) but since she moved it to the other table, I can't find anything. It is stressing me out. LOL!!! I had stuff for my kits on the kitchen table and other important stuff, now it is piled in no order on the other table. I HAVE to go through it all tonight (when I get home from school) and organize it all in one night. UGH!!

I think you did an awesome job on your space and YAY for DH getting in on the action. :-)

Diane Hodrick said...

You are making me laugh. Stay far away from me if this dreaded disease is contagious. I could use a good dose of it, but seriously, I'm gonna find myself a vaccine. lol. Good for you. Shame on me!

Linda said...

OH my goodness you are making the best progress. This is amazing. Your are really making great difference in your room and you are really motivating me to clean up my mess.

Roberta said...

Ha! ha! You go girl!!! Just love that you are purging up the whole house. Great time to get your kitchen cupboards and freezer cleaned out before the holidays. Must feel wonderful as well ;}

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Go Hubby and Go June!!! Just awesome!!! Telling ya... first week in Dec. I am ON IT! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Linda R. said...

You go girly!!! I am having fun watching the progress. Now if I could just do it myself..

Hugs, Linda

Dee Burns said...

Great progress. My dh does the same thing. We have two spare bedrooms upstairs and I use one as a complete Craft room. I have a sitting area with a Chase and TV. When I start cleaning it dh says with fear "please tell me you are not putting that in the other bedroom".
Continued success with your Craft room. Purge on!

Dee B