Monday, October 24, 2011

Urge to Purge craft room challenge: DAY 2

Welcome to DAY 2!  The first thing I did this morning was go back to the cabinet (from Day 1) and move a few more items into my "give away (to other paper crafters)" box.  I decided I can live without a few more things :)

Today I decided to tackle my "Jingle Belles" basket.  I spy some things on the top that can go in my "gifts" box (see previous post)...
My goal was to get this basket emptied and off of the floor.  I call this my "Jingle Belles" basket because I enjoy participating in the weekly challenges at Jingle Belles challenge blog.  I have participated in most of their challenges, and I have a shopping bag FULL of Christmas cards ready to go.  Making one card (almost) every week of 2011 has really eased my holiday stress.  Before I start creating each week, I dig through this basket for felt snowflakes, snow flake gems, and other winter/Christmas stickers, dies and embellies.

After moving the gifts to the "gifts" box, I moved ribbon to my ribbon jars, gems to my gem tin, and the Christmas embellies to my 12x12 folder already labelled Christmas embellies.  I'm not sure why I had these items in TWO different locations!

You may recall in Day 1 when I cleaned out the cabinet that I came across some cards I will add sentiments to and send to Operation Write Home.  I put those cards in my empty blue basket as well as some partially finished Christmas cards and tags.  The basket now sits on the right side of my work table (rather than on the floor):
  Now that my craft room already looks a little neater without that basket on the floor, I decided to straighten my paper holder shelves:
I purchased this from a local stamp store that closed a few years ago.  The acrylic shelves fall sometimes when you have two rambunctious 9yo girls :)  I had several to pop back in; they are a pain in the neck to fix, but thirty minutes later they look like this:
After just TWO days my craft room already seems less junky.  I still have a LONG way to go (wait until I get to the closet…yikes!)  I love my blue basket…whenever I only have a short time to play, I can dig in that basket and work on those almost finished cards and tags.  I am calling it the "Quick Fix" basket; I can have a sense of accomplishment even if I only have a spare ten minutes to work in my craft room.

I am also thrilled that I am finding things I have made for the gifts box.  When I start figuring out what to give the girls' teachers, my family and friends for Christmas, I will start with the gifts box!

I am feeling energized to keep going a little each day it doesn't seem as overwhelming to do a little each day.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and emails!  This is so much fun purging together.  I will try to post every day, but I don't expect YOU to post at all unless you want to.  Posting can be a lot of extra work.  My lovely friend, Carla, has joined me on this venture.  Click here to see her fab embellishment and sticker drawers!


Cathy said...

It is gonna feel awesome when it is done!!\

Linda B said...

Okay, dear Purging Leader, I have cleaned up the shelf above my desk. It wasn't too bad of a mess, but certainly looks tidy and clean. Tomorrow... I start on the book shelves.

~amy~ said...

Looks fantabulous June!!!!

Sugarlips said...

Thanks so much for doing this!

I worked on finding all my punches and putting them in one drawer, and sorting 2 bins to put in the correct place. :)

I will keep working on it with you!

Tami B. said...

I like your idea of the quick fix basket. I need to do that too.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhh I am loving how you are getting organized! I am guilty of having my Jingle Belle cards in a basket too! NEED to get on that! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Natasha said...

Looking good. I didn't purge tonight, but made two cards instead. Loving the new table I bought, gives me lots of extra room to spread out. I'll be purging tomorrow.

SimplyMe said...

I wish I was as organized,will have to work on purging.

Ros said...

What a great idea ... I tidy my space and then when I start creating ... it's as bad as ever ... but I do tidy after every creation ... I can't work in a mess ... good job I don't work in my cupboards!! Oh my ... they are a mess!! Have a lovely day

artfuldelight said...

Awesome job June. I took some before pictures but since I am limited to only 2 tables there really isn't any daily progress pictures. I can assure you though that each day I have found a home for something on one of my tables. My stuff is usually passed back and forth between the tables until I find a home for all of it and it looks organized. When I get to that point I will post about it. LOL!! :-)

Linda said...

Ahh this is great June! I worked on my stickles mess and made a video I just need to edit it then I will post it. Thanks so much for the inspirations!
Scrapcat Cards by Linda