Wednesday, January 23, 2008

8x8 scrapbook- Halloween

Here are my two Cinderella princesses. I used the stickers that come in the DCWV stack, but realized I had miscalculated the number of "e"s in yellow & orange, so I ended up criss crossing the words and "Hallows Eve" vs. "Halloween". I stamped a small pumpkin on a few of the orange circles, as well as "trick or treat" (click on pic to enlarge.) Once again there is a particularly nice picture of Julia (bottom left)...this is one of my favorite pictures of her :) IRL the picture shows how blue her eyes are and the flash is not in the pic (that was from my picture taking to post on blog). Notice that Kathryn added necklaces to her attire. My girls do not believe that one can over-accesessorize.


Tracy said...

they're just adorable :-)
i love their crowns and of course we love accessories!

Angela said...

Well, I think it's best they learn can never own too much jewelry...or tiaras :)