Monday, January 21, 2008

8x8 scrapbook- Month of June

I neglected to mention that I had gotten behind on my pages for f-i-l's scrapbook, so this year I bought an 8x8 DCWV pack of paper in "Birthday" theme. I know, I know, I wanted to stop buying "new" and use what I have, but time is money and this is easier than cutting down sheets of 8.5x11 or 12x12 to get the base pages. Plus the album will flow better if I can use papers all from this stack. This particular pack had cs and dps and stickers and vellum quotes. ***Tangent: you may recall I have posted 4-5 birthday cards made with birthday paper from this pack.***I am going to try to use that entire pack of dps and cs to try to get this album up-to-date. I am keeping the pages very simple whilst (I used that word for Jean & friends with extensive vocab!) ensuring the colors in the pictures (i.e. the girls' outfits) match as much as possible.
The left page is of the girls playing with their classmates (this was age 3 going on 4 pre-school) and the right page is the girls in cheerleader outfits their Granny bought for them. This outfit was a big favorite of Kathryn's. She wanted to wear it EVERY DAY; even in winter. And Julia, of course, always wants to wear EXACTLY what Kathryn wears or at least coordinating in color scheme :)


Tracy said...

lol... didn't you cut the paper anyway??? i'm laughing about the rationalization cutting would take longer j... crack me up! of course its quicker and easier to rip it outta the pad. no question. and its cute paper. and pretty colors - i love their colors.
glad you're getting caught up

Corie said...

OH my these pages are just FANTASTIC!!!