Saturday, October 18, 2008

I need a Score-It :)

I made these three projects a while ago, but I am illustrating them because: #1 To prove how much I NEED a Score-It :) and #2 I have not created anything in way way way too long :(

Both of these projects are made with chipboard, black cs, coin envelopes, luggage tags, black suede paper, various stamps, fibers, velcro dots, a button, brown paper lunch bags and Lumiere paints.

Project #3: Flag book using various stamps, mulberry paper, Yuzen paper, cs, fibers, beads, and punches.


Jean said...

hi June-- I have tagged you!!!

love jean!

Kristie said...

ooohhhh these are all just delicious!! i'm not sure what it is about them that makes you say you need a score it...but if you say you NEED one then you must....and i probably do too :)

tiggertastic said...

my word you have been busy, what excellent makes, they must of taken ages to do.

sarah x

Leslie Hanna said...

Good gracious, but these look like WORK! Lovely, though! ;-)

SmilynStef said...

I love them all ... fabulous designs.

lauren said...

holy macaroni! WOW!!! unbelievably cool projects, miss june! (i especially loooooove the asian-inspired accordian back-n-forth folded book!!!) (wow!)

Tracy said...

very cool :-)
yes i do have the scor-it.
and its pretty darn nice
but just for comparison... when we were talking yestrday i mentioned the scor-pal - check it out
i'm here to enable (and btw i got some of those joanns 50%'ers in flyers that came in the mail :-))
thanks for yesterday cutie... i needed that :-)