Monday, October 6, 2008

Rated R Post...not for young readers

CAUTION: Not for young readers.

I am going to share my favorite Halloween joke:

Why can't ghosts have children?

Because they have hallow weenies!

I mentioned in previous posts that I did not attend any area celebrations of World Card Making Day on Saturday. I had a party of one (me...and I was very good company, if I do say so myself.)
I finished six of the cards in my previous post. They will go to my dh, my b-i-l, my grandpa, my f-i-l, and my dad. That takes care of all the masculine birthday cards I personally need for the next several months :)

After I finished those, I decided to make cards with my 6 remaining K&Co. die shapes. I made two of each of the last two cards you see here (just in case you think I can't count to twelve.)

On this last card I also added the glitter foam stickers from a package I bought at Mike's. You know the one I bought for the soul (a little Halloween humor there)purpose of using the purple houses to make three of these.

Good enough to sell? I am so happy I used that stash up :)


Leslie Hanna said...

Congrats on making all those cards! And now that you've made a dent in the Halloween stash you are not allowed to buy more, right? Even if it is on sale after Halloween, right? Or did I miss the point here? ;-)

lauren said...

hahahahaHAha: hollow weenies!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

my oh my i *DO* likes yer halloween cards *ESPECIALLY* that last one with the tombstone and the ghost and the bat!!!!!!! next to the "house fell on m'sister" one that has gotta be the best halloween card i have seen ANYWHERE!!!