Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Heart the Art Journal - 2010

Do you ever feel like God, the Universe, or whatever higher power you personally believe in is trying to send you a message? For me, I often need a sledgehammer to get through to my noggin. Let me explain...
  • My friend, Roberta, first introduced me to her Dream workshop. Setting goals and writing them down have a much higher chance of success. When I moved away, Roberta and I kept in touch for a couple of years, but then we lost touch. She recently found me through blogging and we have resumed our friendship :) Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences.
  • My friend, Lauren, has participated in 52Q for ~2 years. I have admired her ATC cards that she has shared on her blog and wished I had time to participate. Then she posted a link to Bruce Mau Design's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. Lauren is participating in Tiggerye's I Heart the Art for 2010 (weekly Saturday prompts).
  • Maggie, owner of Cuttlebug Challenge blog, recently posted that she hopes to participate in Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project.
See what I mean? A sledgehammer. When I saw Lauren's journal cover, I was intimidated and thought I should not even try. Yesterday I spent 3 hours in my craft room and I didn't create single card, but not for lack of trying! Some days are like that...okay, a lot of days :)

I woke up this morning and decided I have to do this. No thinking or planning allowed...just do it. I love the top note die, so I grabbed that. I knew if I wanted to stay motivated to do this for 52 weeks, I needed to choose paper for my project that makes me smile. You know I went for my scraps first! I pulled these Creative Imaginations papers and a scrap of red Bazzill (red is my favorite color and Bazzill is my favorite card stock). I picked two pieces of chipboard that happened to be cut the same size. I cut the CI paper to those dimensions. The heart was on my table from yesterday's lack of success trying to make valentines.

I decided to do the first prompt, "Aim to..." on the inside of the front cover. My aims were taken directly from Mau & Rubin:
  • Begin anywhere
  • Love your experiments
  • Process is more important than outcome
  • Spend out- don't save for a special occasion- now is special
I managed to "spend out" on the heart on the front cover, the stamped "i" on the front cover, and for the pink Thickers letters. None of these products had ever been opened.

So what do you think?


Ila said...

Your journal is Beautiful!!..and a very good idea...I'm going to go and check out all those links...TFS!!...Hugs, Ila...
ps..I too..do not believe in coincidence.

Leslie Hanna said...

BRAVO! I saw both Lauren's link to Bruce Mau Design's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth and her Art from the Heart project. THEN I saw another blogger friend with a 52 Card Pick-up project!


Talk about a sledge hammer! But I decided that this means I have TWO year-long challenges I will fail to accomplish this year. I will live vicariously through both of you. ;-)

Tyggereye said...

yippee!! Your's looks awesome!! What great things to aim for. That creative season really did produce alot. I'm excited you'll be joining me and everyone else this year. It'll be fun.

I love LOVE the cover of your book.

stampmonkey said...

I think this is a wonderful idea, June, and it looks like you're off to a great start! tfs

joy said...

aaaaand I'm inspired! Love your art journal and am looking forward to seeing all you create inside. Hope your new year continues to be full of good things :)

lauren said...

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! i totally, TOTALLY ♥ your art, your book, the cover, your aims, and YOU!!! this is AWESOME (both aethetically & just as an event) and i am sooooooo excited that you're comin' on this trip!!! ♥♥♥

and ~YEAH~ you've already figured out the MOST IMPORTANT thing on a project like this: snag all the "best bits" that you looooove for yourself! (i do truly believe that for me...and i hope for you also...that these projects STOKE the creative fire rather than draining it! seriously. and i was UTTERLY unbelieving of that when i heard others say it, but it proved to be true for me!)

♥♥♥HOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for art, growth, loving the process, bruce mau, gina c, and especially for JUNE!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Your journal is ``gorgeous`` June...
I loves Miss Lauren to !!!!fabulius TFI
Have a fab Day :)xxx

ChiLLi said...

Loving your pages!

Roberta said...

Wow June...so love this post...I'm a little behind on my reading right now with moving and all...but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you mentioning me in your post. I also read the "manifesto" and really liked that and have bookmarked it so I can refer back to it when I'm feelin challenged as well. Wish I could participate in the "journal" prompts...but have to wait until we move and I can get ahold of my supplies once again. Can't hardly wait...for now I have to "live" creatively through all my blogging friends...but that's just fine as well because it's great to be so inspired:} Have a great week, fondly, Roberta