Friday, April 25, 2008

MandyB, this is for you

I received this comment from Mandy :
hi there - just found your blog through a google search... I live in New Zealand and I am searching for some paper piercing templates.... I mostly want to do straight lines , crosses and other basic stitches on my scrap pages and the search showed your jan 28th blog entry and I saw all your templates... where did you get them from - maybe I could order them if you let me know the web address - thanks in advance for your help and LOVE you pages and cards.... mandyb

Mandy, those templates I used are Bazzill Basics In Stitch'z Templates. Our local scrapbook store sold them, but that store is now closed. Perhaps you could ask your area scrapbook store to place an order? There are also many online stores that carry them, as well as ebay. Good luck and happy shopping!


mandyb said...

thanks for this - it is great to have a brand name - I have been to ALL my local shops and they say they cant help me without a name - as they can track it better that way. I have been looking for ages and NZ is too far away to get all the good stuff you have in USA.... so I am looking elsewhere... will try them all again - thanks for your help.

lauren said...

oh miss june, you are always so kind and so helpful!!!

i had to laugh at the coincidence of us both finding the bat cave sign hilarious (hey--it's the LITTLE pleasures, right?!) ...AND...being on the "every other tuesday" chiro schedul--how funny is that??! i dunno about great minds...but BAD BACKS certainly seem to be in accord on this point... :)