Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A new & improved birthday card, and then some :)

You may remember I made a card almost exactly like this on December 7th. Caardvarks had a sketch contest...the wonderful Becky Fleck, I believe...and I made the card like this one. I never made a second card because I was not happy with the black "birthday" sentiment I used. I remember thinking, "I wish I had brown rub-ons."

I pulled out my binders of QK dies in search of inspiration. I keep my QK icings (aka rub-ons) with my QK dies, and NOT stored in my mega ziploc bag of rub-ons by other manufacturers. I had completely forgotten that the QK icings have 4 identical sheets of rub-ons in each package; 1 sheet white, 1 black, 1 red, 1 BROWN!!!

It helps to go through your stash, even when it is organized. You do forget what you have sometimes :) I used icings from that same sheet to provide the sentiments for these 4 giraffe cards. I seem to be focussing on baby cards. Hmmmmmm....


Kristie Morrison said...

I don't think those giraffe cards are JUST for baby cards...though they would be nice for that too...I think they'd be perfectly suitable for anyone who likes giraffe's reallly...like some chick who's about to turn 37...she'd probably be quite thrilled to get such a gorgeous giraffe card!!! Do I sound a *little* obsessed over the giraffes? cause I am...I'm saving this pic onto my computer so I can look at them whenever I want...can you tell I LOVE LOVE LOVE 'em?

lauren said...

i'm with kristie...these are just COOL & adorable cards for *anybody*!!!

(ps: i do the whole stash-review thing from time to time as well...for EXACTLY that reason...sometimes i have totally forgotten stuff that is JUST RIGHT for the next--or the last--project!)