Monday, September 29, 2008

Christmas 2003

Yep, five years ago. I have a gazillion cards & projects I should be working on. But I made this simple LO this morning. Do you do that too? Do something that has very low priority when you should be doing something else?

This first page is of Julia, the next page of Kathryn ( they were 16 months old).

My friend, Angela, brought over 4 craft containers filled with 12x12 last week. She said she is so tired of having so much stuff that I could have whatever I wanted. I certainly want to compensate her somehow, because she motivated me when she showed me these Christmas dps. I knew I had to start on our Christmas scrapbook.

I purchased this CM embossed Christmas album when my CM consultant had her moving sale (she didn't want to haul all that inventory to her new home, so she sold everything at 25% off. I bought the album in early 2004. About four years ago I actually did the first page of the album (Christmas 2002; the girls were 6 months old.)
Today I finally started on 2003 (pages 2 & 3 of this scrapbook). My next two page LO will be of Christmas Day 2003 (can you believe I have the pictures developed and ready to be scrapped?) That will be pages 4 & 5.
<***insert heavy sigh***> I looked through all our pictures from 2004. Can you believe we did not take a single picture of our two little angels on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day that year? We are such bad parents! I had to get my dad to make a cd of pictures he took that year. Now that I am started on this album, I'd like to get it caught up through 2007. Shouldn't be too hard when you don't take pictures!!!


Leslie Hanna said...

You are now experiencing what I refer to as Creative Avoidance. The things you do that just need to be done when you should be doing something else. I am really, really, good at it.

Kristie said...

I like Leslie's term for it....I just call it procrastination! For example, here I am leaving a comment on your blog when I should be tidying my room and then doing some uni work....I know which I prefer :) I like to think of it as a *break* rather than what it really is....avoiding stuff I don't want to do!!!

Tracy said...

oh i love the pages!
and oh yeah - you're such a baaaaaad mother! LOL
that's what grampa's are for - to take the pictures :-)
now if no one had taken any then you'd have something to be unhappy about. but in the history of their Christmas'... i think a year or two of the days surrounding etc with little pics wont matter a whole lot. besides there are so many fun Christmas' to come! :-)
give yourself a break. and hey you may've had othe things to do - but now thESE pages are done! wonderful

lauren said...


honey, i could have a whole second blog called, "what i made when i was SUPPOSED to be makin' something else"!!!!! :) (i like leslie's term for it better, tho!)

ps: you don't have said pics b/c you were IN THE MOMENT *being* a (very very good indeed) parent and enjoying xmas with your adorable sproglets!!!