Friday, September 26, 2008

Still with the Stiletto & Meeting Brian

When I went on a coffee date yesterday with dh (to Greenberry's Coffee & Tea Co., of course), one of the barristas, Stacy, said she was going to buy the last stilleto card for her sister's birthday. The next customer who came in purchased the card! Stacy said she didn't know what to do. She felt that card was perfect for her girly-girl sister. I asked her what her sister's favorite colors are, and she replied,"hunter green and black." I told her I would try to make one using those colors, but if she didn't like it, my feelings would not be hurt...just stick it in my basket to be sold.
Yesterday was errand jam-packed and I was gone from the house all day at meetings and volunteering. Wouldn't you know it, but I had a bad dream last night that woke me up at 1:30a.m. By 3:15a.m. I knew sleep was no where near. So I got up, made this card, and went back to bed. I used Ponderosa Pine linen cs, Augusta Green linen cs, and black suede paper. The prima is SU and the brad is MM.
I invoiced a handful of Halloween cards and some various birthday/thinking of you cards after the girls got on the bus, and took them over to Greenberry's. The stiletto card and purple haunted house card (see previous post) never made it to the basket. Stacy loved them both and told the other barristas, "These are mine." Then I saw a gentleman walk behind the counter. I asked him, "Are you Brian?" He replied in the affirmative and I introduced myself as, "June; the card lady." You see, Brian just purchased G'berry's from the previous owner about a month ago. I had not met him yet, but the previous owner made Brian aware of my arrangement with G'berry's.
Despite the fact that Brian dropped the vendor that sold the super-fantabulous-chocolate tea cakes, he is very nice. He hurried around the corner and sat down with me and asked me if I would consider selling my greeting cards at his other Greenberry's (in Reston, VA). He said he has had lots of postive feedback about the cards and his wife came in one time and loved them. His wife runs the Reston location. Wahoo! Now I will be selling at all 3 Greenberry's locations in northern Virginia. That means a little more mass production (a little boring, but saves time) and another location to move cards around that don't sell as quickly (this happens rarely, but it has happened a few times). I love having the 2 stores because if a card sits for two months at one store, I move it to the other, and it usually sells quickly. Go figure. But at least I don't have a stash of cards taking up space in my craft room that nobody wants. Everything sells eventually.


Leslie Hanna said...

Congrats on the new location! I have been thinking of looking into selling in some coffee shops around here, but the only one I know if is right next to my Saturday market. Hm, maybe just in the Winter non-market months. But enough about ME - that third location is super-good news for YOU! :-)

Kristie said...

Wahoo indeed Miss are going to be bigger than Hallmark if you don't watch out!!!!
PS: after reading your comment this morning I do recall that I found Amy's blog via you so I owe you a ginormous big thanks!!! She totally rocks!! So you can tell her that she has at least one fan in Australia (I'm way too shy to comment on her blog...I just stalk her LOL)
PPS: that shoe card is awesome...I like it ALMOST as much as the purple haunted if you made sparkly purple shoe cards I might have to put an order in for myself...pmsl :)

Tracy said...

YEAH!!!!!!!! #3
MAYBE... when i get my you-know-what-together :-) i can rejoin you in the fun :-)
i'm so happy for you sweetie. reston is closer too.. make those trips to mclean more useful if you kwim!
and how could he drop the chocolate teacake vendor? is he insane??????? lol!
i've loved lookin at all the recent additions.. i took a fast look. sorry i'm a bad commenter of late.. but you know i'm lookin and loving everything you do sweetie. cant wait to see you next week - show you some new stuff i got for the bday..think cuttlebug ef's and new tag dies from nestabilities!
:-) ttyl

lauren said...


NO CHOCOLATE TEACAKES???????????????!!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!

please inform mr & mrs brian that i shall be boycotting all three g-berries locations until they revise this untenable position!!!

on the other hand...they do seem to have REMARKABLY good taste in all other's an ethical dilemma & no mistaking!!!

(congrats, dearie!) :)