Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to 2004 project

I made the "Discover Play Create..." photo mat from a January 2004 Memories class using SEI papers. I used QK Paige to create "LIVE LAUGH LOVE", then realized that I did not have a second coordinating 12x12 sheet of SEI paper to create the right hand page. I thought of calling Tracy to see if she could hook me up with some if she had it in her stash... but then I decided to trim the SEI paper down (left page) and try to make something else work. I bought 2 sheets of yellow scalloped Bazzill and I mounted both SEI elements on it, then mounted on white cs. I know I said I wasn't gonna buy more stuff, but I only purchased 5 sheets of cs to complete scrapbooking all of 2004 (the rest all came from my stash!!!) Remember I also bought the Bazzill pink scalloped circle and pink Bazzill cs used for photo mats from the "Book Worms" layout. (Hey, I only spent ~$4 on the 5 sheets total). My crate of old kits is still looking full, but now I can rifle through each kit; they are not crammed full :) I will continue to try to use my stash first when I get going on 2005, but I'm sure I will have to buy some stuff. I'm not gonna force the pictures on an old kit just to use it up if they colors don't coordinate with my pics. I think I am happier with how this layout turned out than if I had only used SEI.


mustangsarah said...

Looks great.

You have been tagged, please visit my blog for details.

Angela said...

Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard at the pics of the girls in the bathtub with the hair...out to there....I had to call James to come see what was making me laugh so hard. I love the "Live. Laugh. Love." Great saying and I definitely did that today.

Tracy said...

first of all the pics are adorable! (we used to do that to both kids hair - i'm sure i'll scrap pics of that somewhere along the line) - i love the color scheme! just soooooo pretty. and honey if you'd have called you woulda been outta luck anyway - none of that SEI stuff - i wish! love those colors. love almost all sei stuff!