Friday, August 24, 2007

A little too cute for my taste...

I ran out of white Bazzill cs I was using to mount photos for 2nd B-day party layout, so I moved on to other pics taken in June '04. These were two of the first kits I bought at Memories the first day I found the store and decided I wanted to learn to scrapbook. So I purchased these papers and dry embossed frogs in June of '03(the frogs came on a sheet, and I cut out these three frogs by hand.) These pages are a little too cute for my taste, but I do like them. These pages will remind me of how much my tastes have changed :)
I did the same thing when I first got hooked on rubber stamping. I bought stamps that (for me) are a bit too cute, and now I never use. I hold on to those stamps because my girls like to stamp with the cute stamps. But in the interest of getting caught up on my scrapbooking without buying more stuff, I went ahead and used these pages.


Angela said...

These just make me want to say "aaaaawwwwwww!" The girls are soooo cute and I think the pages are adorable.

Tracy said...

i remember those! and it is interesting about the cutesy pages. i never really cared much for the cutesy stuff but i know i bought some of it! funny huh? (i have paperkins and little people - i think they're me&my big ideas - all kinds of cutesy stuff - and you know i actually love that stuff - just not necessarily on my pages. will i use it? sure will!
and do you think your girls will care - not one bit :-)
cute pages and they're done and i say GO JUNE GO JUNE!

Corie said...

Oh these are so cute -- not too cute. Love the pages!!