Friday, August 17, 2007

March layout

Yeah, I know. A March layout that looks like Valentine's Day. But I was wearing one of my favorite red shirts in these pictures AND I am getting caught up on my scrapbook AND using my stash to get caught up.
These are actually two different croppin' cards, and not meant to be a 2 page layout. I changed the one on the right quite a bit, so you seasoned Memories folks may not recognize it.


Tracy said...

you know i didnt even notice the march but hey - march is right after valentines right? :-)
and i did recognize the left side but not the right
isnt it nice how youre gettin some pages done - and no outrageous effort - just putting together nice simple pages that are very cute!? go june!

Corie said...

Wow, love these pages!!!!! thanks for the tag for the nice award!!! Right back at ya.

lauren said...

if you've got *SUCH* adorable valentines...then that holiday could EASILY last for several weeks!

i can't believe how committed you are to working on this, and how much you're getting done! next time, you can be *MY* cheerleader! :)