Monday, August 27, 2007

Surprise! November 2005

I told you I would post July 2004 today, but at the insistence of my new friends at AFSC, I'm posting this page today. I designed this page for my next "Teaching Techniques" class at AFSC (Ashburn Family Scrapbook Center in Ashburn, VA). Here were the requests I received:
1. Use Technique Tuesday stamps (owner)
2. Teach us to emboss (employee)
3. Use the Stemmar epoxy clips (another employee)
4. Use journaling block (customer in class)
5. Use autumn papers, not Halloween nor too Thanksgiving-like (another customer in my class)
6. Show us a page using lots of pictures (yet another customer in my class)
7. Use Basic Grey Mellow papers Automne, Seasoned, and Ebb (okay, that was me...LOL)
#1,2,4 I stamped and embossed this Technique Tuesday journaling block.
#3 See vertical picture of me with Kathryn pushing her baby stroller.
#6 I used 6 pictures on one page :)
#5,7 Look at the papers I chose...okay, Blogger Buddies, how did I do?


Tracy said...

i esp like that you got so many photos on there. And you know i'm so out of things - i have no idea what new products are out there lol... i'm so busy using what i got! but i have similar journaling stamps - always like seeing stamps used! :-) lovely job missy!

Jean said...

you did great!!! it is adorable!!! and lovely layout!

Ila said...

Wonderful!! I love it..the papers..all the photos and the way you put them on here...fabulous!

Mac said...

As one of your nagging students, I LOVE how many pictures you managed to fit in and still make it look need, organized, uncluttered, and above all STYLISH!

You are awesome!


Angela said...

Great job! I love it!!

lauren said...

anyone who can get *6* pics on a page (with room around them!) AND satisfy *6* teaching requests...AT THE SAME TIME...that person would pretty much have to be described as "rockin" i think...wouldn't they??! :)