Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Next project...Scrapbooking Julia & Kathryn

See this black notebook (pictured bottom left)? This is filled with scrapbook pages I have made (at least partially) waiting for photos and photo mats. Behind the notebook and to the right of it is an overflowing crate of scrapbook kits. The crate is so full there are kits propped in front of the crate!
The last completed page in my scrapbook of my girls is December 2003. Now that I have the girls' photo albums and art work albums updated through June 2007 (yea, me...Tracy and Lauren thanks for cheering me onwith your blog comments!!!), I developed pictures I'd like to scrapbook for 2004. Here is the goal...think smarter, not harder...I want to use pre-made pages and/or these scrapbook kits as much as I can to help me catch up faster AND use up what I already own without buying more stuff (okay, I can hear some of you ROTFLOL! I know, I know, I've said that before and yet I buy more stuff.) I am very picky about my decorative papers matching the colors in the photos (i.e. the outfits the girls are wearing), but I hope to be able to find kits that coordinate well with my pictures. I will post the layouts as I complete them. They may not be new and trendy, but I'll be using my stash and what was trendy for 2004, at any rate.
Tracy and I taught classes at Memories and one of the perks (besides an AWESOME employee discount) was for every class you taught, the teacher received two class kits. One to make for the store to keep as a sample and the other for herself. Alas, Memories closed the east coast stores earlier this year (a moment of silence, please for my happy place closing.) Okay, so most of the time after making the store sample, I did not want to do it again. Hence, the overflowing crate. Confession: I have two more crate fulls in the closet! One filled with mini book kits, and another with Travel kits, Heritage kits, Calendar kits, and 12x12 craft keepers labelled with various themed stickers and embellies e.g. alphabet, baby, school, fall, winter, spring, summer, etc.
Check my blog when you can to track my progress :)


lauren said...

WAHEY--you are an organizin' fool!!! you are just TOO GOOD and too quick at this! :)

Tracy said...

Suzy and I both applaud your resolve!
we know you can do it!!!!!!!!