Saturday, March 8, 2008

Autism responses so far...all from strangers :)

from people who e-mailed me because they do not have usernames with blogspot.

#1: You wrote a brave and honest post. I could not agree with you more. That person who posted a comment is off-base in my opinion. We need to raise our voices in concern about the possible environmental/vaccine/and every thing else links that may cause autism.
My son was 17 months when he really started exhibiting signs of autism. I have no idea if his vaccines "tipped" him, or if it's genetic or what. He's 22 now.
However, there is EVIDENCE OF HARM and I am so glad that this ruling occured. Maybe now there can be some real action by our government to reform how and what we are doing to our children where vaccines are concerned.
June, I have had pediatricians come to me in confidence asking me about vaccinating their own children because they are SCARED. Yes, when it suddenly comes to THEIR CHILDREN they think twice. I tell them to make sure there is no mercury in the vaccine, make sure their children are not sick and preferably space the delivery of them out over several months. They ask me---I have no experience in medicine!! Good grief. What does that tell you?
I recently read that the government is considering a giant push to vaccinate children for flu. Mercury is still in flu shots! Oh yes. Furthermore, these flu shots contain egg, which many people are sensistive to. How is a tiny child going to tell you they are tired, listless, exhausted from a flu shot or any other shot for that matter?
What are we going to be doing to our kids in terms of their immune systems? Someone is making a lot of money at the expense of our kids and it's just not right.
You might be interested to read the latest cover story on the Autism Research Review International's Journal. "Researchers Spot Major Flaw in IP Study: New Analysis Points To Mercury Autism Link." The debate is far from over.
Bravo to you for your post. God bless you and your two beautiful girls.
All the best,

#2 a most well thought out excellent post! I will show my husband, and also all our friends with children with autism.

Impeccable logic, backed up with solid facts, is difficult to refute. This is what you have offered.

Thank you for being "Big and Strong!" as my dear, accepting, non-judgmental father, who was a loving grandfather to two grandsons with autism, always said to our children!

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