Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our weekend with Scruffy

Scruffy is the mascot in Kathryn's kindergarten class. This weekend it was our turn to have Scruffy stay at our house.

He enjoyed yoga.
He drooled over the Greenberry's chocolate tea cakes...

He played with Julia in the ball pit.
Rode the conveyor belt at the grocery store. Wheeeee!

What a fun weekend!


Ila said...

Awww....this looks like a fun weekend!!...and your daughter looks Gorgeous!!

Jean said...

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your little ones! Scruffy mkes a grand addition!by the way, I donated to your autism charity drive. OF COURSE

all love, me

lauren said...

OMG! this is tooooo funny!!! (and your pics are FAB!)

(not JUST the chocolate tea cake...altho obviously i will be making poster-sized prints of that one...and possibly wallet-sized, as well, for travelling!)

that scruffy is one lucky dude!

Corie said...

Ahhh -- so adorable!!

Angela said...

This is adorable!! That Scruffy sure looks like he had a fun time, I'm jealous.