Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sleep is over-rated...

It has been an interesting week.

Wednesday: DH and Julia both felt funky and played hooky. I planned weeks ago to have a morning playdate with girlfriends Mary & Tracy( & . Tracy hosted. I told DH to call if he needed me to come back. We chatted, ate quiche and muffins and cinnamon rolls, and played with Tracy's Nestibilities. I taught them to make a "bagalope." A fun two hours that I wished could have been ALL day! Nothing feeds the soul better than time with some of your best girlfriends.

Thursday: My sweet Julia was well enough to go to school, which allowed me to zoom over to Ashburn Family Scrapbook Center (AFSC) to plan my monthly Teaching Techniques class for Saturday. Kely, owner of AFSC, asked my to do a Spring page and a project (I planned the bagalope.) ***Then Kely gave me this news...she sold the store. Closing March 31st. No more scrapbook store! First Memories closed last year (where Tracy & I taught), then in January Recollections closed, now AFSC).*** Then I went to my monthly playdate at Sue's( Guess what she taght us to do? Make a bagalope! Great minds, huh? She also had us make a pretty card using the SU! "Merci" set. Yeah, I ordered it. Ugh! No room for more stamps!!! My dad came to babysit and get the girls off the bus, so I could do all this AND dh and I could dish our monthly meals at Let's Dish! I left he house at 10am, and returned at 8pm!

Friday: I had errands to run all a.m., took the girls to HBOT therapy in the afternoon while dh prepared dinner, came home, ate, then went to AFSC to prepare Saturday's class (I still had not designed the scrapbook page!) I came home at 10p.m.

Saturday: Morning HBOT, then took the girls to their "My Gym" class, I kissed dh & girls goodbye (noon), then I I left for AFSC for a 4 hour Fiskar's training. I am now one of only 1,000 people across the country who will be trained this year to be a Fiskar's demonstrator. I have my certificate, pin, manual, and everything! Fiskars says this is a one-time-only training. I can now teach at conventions, Michael's, ACMoore, and JoAnn's Superstores to educate customers on the Fiskar's tools. (I did not realize how many Fiskars products I already owned before I took this class. I did not learn anything new except how to use their drill!) I taught my Teaching Techniques class immediately following the Fiskars training. My last class! I wonder what I will do now??? Fiskars??? I came home to dh & sweet girls at 7pm.

Sunday: We are taking the girls to see their NC grandparents this morning. I can't blog too long here, because I have not packed yet! We will them meet half way, then hand off the girls for the week! We will repeat this half way trip next Saturday. From there DH and I are going here: for a couple of nights. We will be staying in the Magnolia room. A well-deserved respite, don't you think?

So, dear blogger friends, I PROMISE to post something I have made on Wednesday when we return.

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lauren said...

WOW! ok, you definitely have EARNED a vacation after that weekend!!! have a FANTABULOUS time!!! :)