Monday, February 9, 2009

Am I a kit snob? Yes and's Bittersweet

Am I a kit snob?
Yes, I rarely purchase a card kit. I am very particular about the quality of both papers and embellishments I want to use.
The first Stampin' Up! kit I bought I altered very little. It can be very rewarding to create cards and not have to worry about design. Especially when life gets in the way...those times when I don't have time to make a card for several days can be frustrating. When I am able to get back to crafting, I can be blocked creatively. I have found that a card kit can be the perfect remedy.
The second card kit I purchased was also Stampin' Up! I bought it only because I just had to have the stamps included in the kit. Then I used the elements in the card kit to create my own cards.
I have been admiring Kristie and Amy's cards using Basic Grey Bittersweet papers. I have not been able to find these at my local craft stores. I did manage to find and buy a Basic Grey Bittersweet card kit (the last one)! And I did not change a thing on 6 of the 8 cards. I have a theory that it is impossible to make a bad card with Basic Grey papers and products. I did not design the cards pictured; I simply followed the directions. And it was fun! I cleaned up my Tivo'd American Idol auditions and made 8 cards in the time it normally takes me to make 2 or 3. I only took a picture of 5 of them. I did alter two of them for use as anniversary cards for my parents and my dh. I'll post those in March and June, respectively.
Make it a great day!


Leslie Hanna said...

BG makes kits? I am doomed.

Word verif: resis. Do you think it is trying to tell me something?

Kristie said...

Wow...I never knew BG had card kits either! Guess what I'll be online looking for later????? These are just gorgeous Miss June! I am so in love with those papers....I'm thinking about stocking up and hoarding them!!!!!
Had to laugh about your girl changing the blog this morning...that's not just a hit one button kinda change...she's a bit tricky :)

Tracy said...

jumping on here real quick sweetie. such pretty cards - you know how much i love a kit too... dang these are just so nice. oooh know who else has kits - your fav cosmo cricket. we need to get some and have a card making date.
ok... i just woke up... i must be dreaming to come up with a fantasy like that... getting together like old times to make cards... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....
i gotta do something to make that dream a reality and soon or i'll go loopy!

Corie said...

These are FANTASTIC!!!

Angie said...

Those cards are really adorable :) I don't ever do the kit thing. I just don't feel like they're my own personality when I use a kit.