Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Coupon Book # 2 & # 3

Late Tuesday morning I started the mini book pictured. I found two kits like this in The Closet.

I started both at once. Why? Because ME being ME:

#1 it is more time efficient


# 2 after making one very time consuming project I rarely want to go back and make another for a very long time.
I pulled out my MM Philadelphia font foam stamps ("LOVE" on front cover) that I just had to have (I purchased over two years ago and just now used for the first time on this project :)
While I had the foam stamps out, I made 4 of these cards from scraps of Valentine-themed papers that are strewn all over my craft room floor.
After making these projects Tuesday & Wednesday, I started Valentine teacher gifts. I'll post those tomorrow :)
Then I think I will have to clean up all my Valentine papers and doodads. I can't think straight anymore with the mess. Time to clean it up and start something else.


Leslie Hanna said...

I hear you about working on a large project and then having to do another one!

These mini books are very cool! You have way more patience than I have!

Kristie said...

They're all just gorgeous...though I must admit that I will be glad when V-day is over...all this mushy stuff is starting to get to me....LOL! I am looking forward to seeing other kinds of cards and stuff...though there is a lot of Easter stuff out there already! ok I'm just waffling now....
So, Happy Valentine's to you Miss June....♥ you xoxoxox

lauren said...

those coupon books--ALL 3 OF THEM-- (& yeah--like you & leslie i sooo "GET" the "making-multiples" issue...well you know me...i don't even really like to mass produce cards when it would--nearly literally--SAVE MY LIFE...but i digress...) are MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!! ♥