Tuesday, February 3, 2009

U are # 1!

My ever-so-clever title ;) came from the fact that I had only one "love" left in my huge bag of rub-ons. (This "love" is by MM). I also had only one "n" in this color. Yep, it's an "n". When Memories was closing, these "n" die cuts were marked down to .27 and .16 (depending on the color). I find it hard to pass up a deal when it comes to scrapbooking supplies. I purchased them to make I (heart) U, Happy 4 U, Happy Birthday 2 U, Love U,...U get the idea.
The base card (DCWV) coordinates nicely with the blue hearts in the dp IRL. In this pic they seem to clash. I blame the photographer :)


Leslie Hanna said...

How pretty! I say away from these sales, as it would only serve to increase the stash. But maybe I've just not been selective enough? :-)

word: brumed. My kitchen floor has not been brumed in quite some time.

Deanna Cosgrove said...

Wow, you are on a roll with this V-day cards, aren't you?! Love it. Kinda has a western feel for me for some reason. I'm from AZ so that is a compliment :)

Kristie said...

This is lovely...I'm thinking that all those people who get their V-day cards at the coffee shops are going to have a really hard time choosing this year :)
I also have been known to use n's as u's...though not quite intentionally ;)

Corie said...

This one is just adorable!!

Kristie said...

You are so wonderful that I've nominated you for 2 more awards today...check it out on my blog :)

lauren said...

yeah! FIRE THAT PHOTOGRAPHER!!! fire *MINE* too, whilst you're at it!!! lol--it looks prettttttttty danged fine to me, lady!

(& here i thought *I* was queen of re-purposed letters...but mostly...i specialize in RUB-ONS!)