Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get Well Soon & 2 Birthday

Same SU! scraps. I made 3 of these cards, except the other two are "happy birthday". The base card is DCWV, and the sentiment is Hero Arts. You know I had to add paper piercing!

Question for you: Do you throw away a strip of cs that is less than 1/2 inch wide? See that pink cs I stamped on? I usually don't throw even the smallest strip away. That little pink strip did all 3 cards. Now I don't save EVERY little scrap that size, or I would have tons more scraps. But a small strip of white cs that size I do throw away now, since I tend to have more white cs scraps than any other color.

Organization tip #2:
(See yesterday for tip #1 Storing dps by vendor)
I store all my cs by color. I have 12x12 shelving (full), 8.5x11 shelving (full), and all my 12x12 in a couple of magazine holders w/ dividers. I have 2 more magazine holders w/ dividers holding all scrap cs in seperate ziploc bags by color. One magazine holder for Bazzill scraps, the other for non-Bazzill cs. I acknowledge that I have paper issues. To partially quote Lauren,, I have more paper "than any sensible person needs...but I'm not giving it back."


Tracy said...

i wish i could see this one better - but it looks like a pretty combo of pp's :-)

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I love it and love the quote too!!!

lauren bergold said...

HA! ok, that's twice today you have cracked me up! (btw, to see oneself quoted online...very COOL...but soooo weird!!!)

BUT i am always glad to hear that other ppl have "paper issues" and/or generally too many supplies. it makes me feel as close to "normal" as i get!!!

ps: to answer your question, i only save TEENY scraps if it's paper i looooove...or i can think of an immediate use...or, as in the case of the princess books, i had a lot of small coordinating scraps that i could visualize using all together.

pss: the FIRST time you cracked me up today was this morning when i read your comment about the *TWO* red dinosaurs!!!!!!!!!! (nearly spit my coffee out!) :)

Corie said...

Love these -- so beautiful.