Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If you haven't guessed yet...

I have not created ANYTHING in way too long. Late Friday night/Saturday morning Kathryn was ill and today Julia has it. Julia seems fine now, but she still has yet to eat anything at all today. DH has IM'd occassional to ask how the "spewfest" is going. Suffice it to say I've enjoyed the snuggle time, but not the clean up :)

Something you may not know about me...I taught secondary math for 15 years and I enjoy watching American Idol. (This train of thought will make sense if you keep reading.) I enjoy Simon Cowell too, because his comments are usually spot on (okay, not mean-spirited comments; just the constructive criticism). Truthfully though, if I were a judge, I'd be more like Paula Abdul. I would get attached to those kids and it would be so hard to see them go each week. One of my favorites this year, who is not the best singer, is Jason Castro. I'm not crazy about the hair, but I think he is absolutely precious! He is so animated when he performs, but shy in conversations. Every principal I ever interviewed with/worked for would be concerned about my discipline in the classroom. I'm 5'1" and soft spoken. But my children were very well-behaved and always performed well on the end-of-year tests. (Students tend to adopt the demeanor of the teacher.) But my principals used to like to pop in my classroom because they said I was so animated when I taught. I think it's simply that I loved my children and I love math!!! Check Jason Castro out and you will see what I mean...who wouldn't fall in love with this little sweetheart with the John Travolta face (like Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter)...my favorite performance of Jason's is right here:


Now doesn't that make you smile?


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I loved that!!! when i was a kid I met several times with the drummer of the group who wrote that song, the Lovin Spoonful. They played in Greenwich Village at the Night Owl cafe

I also stormed the stage on long Island at a show they did at the Jones beach theatre when "tweens" were doing that sort of thing. Suddenly I was face to face with their bass player. He was relaly smiley and fun!

I like your description of yurself as a teacher! SUPER!

lauren bergold said...

well, i haven't really gotten anything made this week either...BUT...the word "spewfest" played no part in my activities. so suddenly, i feel a LOT better!!! :) (hope the little ladies are healthy VERY soon!)