Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coffee Card Tutorial

Last week I was inspired by Project Tuesday. They had a wonderful tutorial on how to make a gift card holder from a coffee sleeve! That day I was at the grocery store and bought a small coffee. I saved my sleeve to try their challenge. But I never got around to it :(

Then I had a request from the baristas at one of the coffee shops where I sell my greeting cards. Could I make a special card for them to send to a former customer who moved away? They wanted it to be in a coffee theme.

I decided to use my sleeve to make the card. Here is what I did:
1. Tear sleeve open and place a scrap sheet of paper inside. Gently fold right side of sleeve closed to create a fold in the scrap paper. Repeat for left side.
2. Trim top and bottom of scrap paper to fit in envelope.
3. Fold a sheet of 8.5"x11" card stock in half. Use scrap paper template and trace. Cut out.
4. Decorate.

Here is the finished card (sort of).
Tomorrow I will take the card to the baristas, but I will replace my grocery store sleeve with one from their shop ;)

Really simple. Inspiring? Let me know. Right now I could use some coffee...my girls woke up at 4am this morning. Julia's teacher said she fell asleep at school. It's a good thing she's so cute or else I'd be mad at her :)


Girlsinthecraft said...

Brilliant! You'da thunk! hee hee! I just love it...........d

Leslie Hanna said...

Very cute! It must be Coffee Week - one of the ladies at my market is making re-useable coffee cup sleeves. I may need to buy one!

Chrissie said...

Great idea June... and I've learned a new word - barista. Never heard it before, so thank you for that! I shall astound my friends with my extensive vocabulary!
What would we do without coffee... obviously make fewer cards!

Kristie said...

With my kind of coffee addiction it would be hard NOT to like this card...so, obviously I LOVE IT ♥
You are so clever to have thought of that! Hugs ♥

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Great card. Thanks for sharing the how to.

Chris said...

Hi June, I love your card, such a great idea and it's perfect for all those coffee lovers, just like me :D Thanks for the explanation of how to make it! I don't envy you the 4am start but I do vaguely remember the odd one or two with my boys many, many years ago LOL! Feel better thank you and hope you're well apart from the enforced early start. Hugs, Chris

Amy Sheffer said...

Really cute, June!! I bet it went over really well at the coffee shop! You go girl!!!

Silli said...

wow, wow, wow, many thanks June, this is great... I love it! Hugs and happy day. Silke

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! Never would have though to use those sleeves, but they have such great texture! Love the resulting card too!

Shari said...

What a fun Idea! Thanks for sharing - Shari

lauren bergold said...

this is SO COOL and SO CLEVER!!! i loooooooooooove that the card is tapered into the coffee cup shape...and you've used the PERFECT stamp and sentiment!!! ♥♥♥