Friday, November 5, 2010

Buzz, Brag, Bee Happy Friday & Blog candy

Today is Buzz, Brag & Bee Happy Friday at Betty Bee's Buzz. Click over and link a recent creation, or leave a comment about what good things have happened for you this week. I was able to have a play date with my card-making girlfriend yesterday and 3 more today! I love and admire each of these ladies; we have so much fun and laugh A LOT. I can't think of a nicer way to start the weekend!

My card today was inspired by a card I saw at Nancy Riley's blog recently. I was so taken with it that I knew I wanted to make one similar. I hope you like it too :) What has inspired YOU recently?

Happy Friday, Darlings!

Stampin' Up!: lattice die, embossing folder, kraft card stock
flowers: K&Co.
mini brads: DCWV & Bazzill (red)
corregated paper: Michael's
black card stock: ACMoore


Rosemary said...

What a cool design!!

BettyBee said...

June, this is a very elegant design! I love the colors popping on the muted background! Oh, so pretty :) You are an ARTIST!!

Joan V said...

What a fun card. I agree with you that it is so much fun to have play dates with the girls to make cards. I went to Archiver's today with my card making girl friend and I learned how to make the looped ribbon with the stapler. We are gathering supplies for the winter days when we will make cards by the dozens. LOL. I am also redoing my mothers scrapbook that is from 1948. The pages are crumbling as I try to remove pictures and memorabilia. I am almost done, and I am loving every minute that I get to see my mother as a teen and not my mom.

Leslie Hanna said...

The ONLY reason I got that lattice die was to do just this - fill in the punched-out spaces with another color. Now EVERYONE is doing it, and mine is still in the package! WAAAAHHHHH!

Okay, I am so going to steal this idea and run with it now!

lauren bergold said...

happy (belated) friday to you too, ♥DARLING♥!!! :) i am SO DIGGIN' that cool card...and i've read (& chuckled at) leslie's comment so i know it's a PUNCH...and a verrrrrry cool punch at that! plus every time i come here i realize sadly: I DON'T EMBOSS NEARLY ENOUGH!!! (but that's fix-able, right?!) ;)

2muchpaper said...

Wow--I love the design and color combination. Great job!

Kard Queen said...

Happy Friday, a day late. Your card is delightful--elegant and whimsical. Wonderful creation. Looking forward to seeing Betty Bee's Buzz blog.

Anonymous said...

oh my good gracious, I can't even stand how great that is! I'm not sure that I would have ever thought to do that with that die (thanks, my sweet I can tell hubby that if it's good enough for my Junebug, then it's good enough for ME), I thought for sure you cut that by hand or something. The flowers and the embossing and the corrugated, it's so stinkin' perfect!

Julie M said...

Great card, June - lovely black/kraft with pops of bright colour - and I love the geometric patterns.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

Julie x