Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cocoa for Christmas - Teacher Gifts tutorial

It's crunch time to try to get my teacher gifts made. I think I will make a dozen of these to start with. I was inspired to make this from my friend, Shantaie. Click here to see her beautiful version.

1. Fill one disposable piping bag with 2 packets of hot cocoa mix. Cut off excess and fold over. *Place in a second disposable piping bag.
2. Starting with your smallest sized "sprinkle", layer your toppings. I layered mini chocolate chips, cinnamon drops, then miniature marshmallows.
3. Close bag with ribbon and attach tag.

* this will keep the cocoa from making your marshmallows look dirty :)

Are you in holiday crunch time too? Head over to Betty Bee's Buzz for more holiday treat ideas!

Happy Wednesday!


Kard Queen said...

OMG--what a wonderful idea! I was looking for a special gift for my neighbors. Thank you for the inspiration and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...


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Windy Hills said...

Love the idea, and this makes fun gifts for kids too! Thanks for the idea and fabulous instructions.

Anonymous said...

I so absolutely love this project!! The instructions are absolutely great and much needed!!! Thank you, sweetest of sweets!!