Friday, November 9, 2007

More Christmas card stash

I made these also from my days teaching at Memories...a moment of silence, please...I can't believe they closed. Recollections is closing too, but no surprises there. Now there is really just Ashburn Family Scrapbook Center, where I currently teach, that is "near" (about a 15 minute drive, same as Memories was, Recollections just a little further). I am also fortunate to have ACMoore & Michael's at 10 and 8 minutes, respectively. I just like options, kwim?


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

you know: I love those cards!!! and options is a word I like. I just like the word. it is to possibilities!

Ingrid said...

It has been too long ago since I visited your blog. Sorry! You created some beautiful cards.

Have a nice weekend!

Tracy said...

it is nice to have options specially since some of the stores that remain didnt carry what memories did (sigh...waaaaaaah)
these are good cards :-)
here's to Memories ;-)