Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Kindergarten teacher for Kathryn

I found this cute box pattern from an SCS challenge Qbee's Peek-a-boo box. The pattern did not come out in my pic, but it does credit Brenda Quintana (here is the link:
I've needed an excuse to try it, so I covered the circle hole with acetate, then filled the box with chocolate covered peanuts. Kathryn's teacher moved up to teach 2nd grade (she is a wonderful kindergarten teacher, but needed a full-time paying job). Kathryn's new teacher, Mrs. Leone, is being moved from one of the K-2 Autism classrooms (not the one Julia is in). How great is that?! She totally gets Kathryn :) I'll give this to Mrs. Leone on Monday, when I get to see Kathryn play the part of a turkey in a Thanksgiving play.


Tracy said...

very cute box and thanks for the link - i shall check it out. great news on the new teacher - and i gottaaaaa see pics of kathryn as a turkey - i love those school plays!

Anonymous said...

very good!