Tuesday, January 22, 2008

8x8 scrapbook- September/October

Yep, I skipped some months. We are bad parents...no pics of our girls at all in that time July and August of 2006! I particularly like the top left picture of Julia (left page). She looks especially cute. On the right page is Kathryn wearing a Pull-Up as a hat :)
When I was scrapping these pictures I had forgotten the stage when Kathryn would completely empty the dresser and pile all the clothing, underwear, and pajamas to create a tower with the bunny slippers on top. It was a pain to clean up every day, but she only did this for a week or so, thank goodness!


Tracy said...

ze pullup chapeau... LOL
adorable pics sweetie and oh yeah - you are horrible parents. nothing goin on ... nothing ta-dooo LOL
great pages sweetie... pretty paper and i like the waaaaaves!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I LOVE these!!!!! so adorable!!!

those pull ups can look ike chef hats! cool!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...
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Amy Sheffer said...

Darling photos and spread! Love the story about Kathryn and the emptying of the drawers. That Pull-Up hat is too, too funny.

Unknown said...

This is too cute! The pic of you and Julia is precious and the one of Kathryn in her pull-up hat can't be beat! She's like a little model.