Sunday, January 20, 2008

8x8 scrapbook

Every year I give my father-in-law 8x8 scrapbook pages of his favorite girls for his birthday which is May1st. So the pages run from May of the previous year to April of the current year, sort of like a calendar. The girls are getting bigger now, so the scrapbook may skip a month, but I will have more pages of "events".
These pics are of Doug & I at a Nats vs. Os game (I am wearing my Cal Ripkin, Jr. tee). The 5 middle pictures are the annual fundraiser at our local fire department here in Leesburg. We went with my in-laws (you can see "Granny" holding Julia in one pic). The girls enjoyed the fire pole, touring the ambulance, and especially the moon bounce. We won Ledo pizza and Moe's gift certificates in the silent auction. My uncle was a fireman, so wherever we live, we have always supported our local fire department. On the far right is Miss Independent (aka Julia Houck) enjoying watermelon and Kathryn being a flower (a "hat" she made with a paper plate and construction paper.)


Tracy said...

she's baaaaaaaaaaack! :-)
these are adorable pages... adorable subject matter helps but i also like that they're not fussy - they are about the pictures! (what a concept!)
cant wait to see some Disney sweetie... and welcome back (to the snow....oh well)

lauren bergold said...

WAHEY! june's home! june's home!!! :) (missed ya--hope you had a BLAST! can't wait to see the pics!)

sorry about the was unseasonably warm and delightful whilst you were gone, and now it's winter again. (bummer!) but hey--you shoulda brought some o' that florida sunshine back with you!!! :)

(ps: cool pages, btw!)

luv2scrapmilestones said...

Just found your blog....i, too, am in Leesburg! YEA!
Keep up the fun pages!!!!!
Hope to meet you at a crop one day,