Friday, July 18, 2008

The Scrappier the Better & Great Tools

Di Hickman blogged recently about using up stash rather than putting it away and being happy just using it up (

This is what I've been saying to myself for the past few years. This is why I started selling my cards in February 2007. So I could use up scraps and old product to make room for new. I get such a rush using up anything... a small package of rub-ons, metal charms, a pack of decorative paper, or a pack of coordinating cards & envelopes. And yet my craft room is still full. This stuff goes a l o n g way! I really thought after my first year of selling cards I would have used up most of my scraps and old embellies. It seems I have barely made a dent. I easily justify a new purchase (though I have shown remarkable restraint!!!), like last winter when I bought the Cosmo Cricket QVC special value kit. It came with 2 scrapbooks, tons of paper, loads of embellies, chipboard projects, and cards with coordinating lined envelopes. I've barely touched that kit. I made most of the cards and sold them. Just selling the cards re-cooped the cost of the entire kit! So it feels like it's free. That's my logic and I'm sticking to it. DH and my FIL tease me about this logic, but I have bought DH a digital SLR camera and my Cuttlebug and 9 embossing folders for my Cuttlebug all from $ from card sales and I still have lots of $ leftover.

I made this first card (two of them) using the gold and Yuzen paper from a package of "Papers by Catherine" that I've had for years, but had not opened. I used dimensionals for the embossed blue layer and for the fan. The rubber stamp is Hero Arts. I used a gold pigment ink and gold detail embossing powder. I feel guilt when I look at my drawer FULL of embossing powders that I almost never use. But if I sell these four cards, I will have made enough to cover the entire cost of the supplies plus the cost of the entire jar of embossing powder and the rubber stamp. And it's not like I can't use the stamp again and again and embossing powder lasts forever too.

Then I was able to make 2 more cards using the scraps of Yuzen left from the first 2 cards. I even used a small strip of scrap Yuzen on the envelopes :) The blue cs and red cs were out of my scrap bags. The base cards are Michael's Valuepack (just shy of A2 size). I actually like the scrappy cards better than the original!

Next topic: Great tools my girlfriends made for me. This first tool is my heat embossing mat made by my friend, Sharon. Yep, one day I melted my carpet because I heat embossed on the floor. The next time I saw her, she had stapled this teflon sheet to white foam core. This is what I use every time I need to heat emboss.

This is my perfect scorer made by my girlfriend, Kaye. I am not able to score to make accordian folds evenly, no matter how hard I try. This wonderful tool helps tremendously. Kaye purchased a very hard wood at Home Depot, then made these for me and Sharon and herself. The metal ruler is from Sears and I think I purchased the triangle from Wal-Mart.


Kristie said...

Those fan cards are absolutely gorgeous Miss June. I am amazed and inspired by your creativity!

Spot-On said...

great cards, and yep


I swear this stuff reproduces on it's own!!!

Leslie Hanna said...

I love your cards, your papers, and the fact that you are using them!!! I actually thought about working on my scrap pile this month instead of starting over.

lauren bergold said...

these ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and GORGEOUS!!!!!! (& ya know...MEN...they understand electricity & stuff...but not craft's the testosterone, poor dears, it poisons their minds!)

NOTE TO SELF: EMBOSS MORE!!! (tho not on carpet, clearly!) (b/c i SOOOOO would've done that too and then realized after why it melted!) also, emboss with gold or white ON DARK COLORS! you LOVE how that looks and yet you seldom bother to do so you lazy thing! also, have you SEEN THE TIME?! yikes!!!!!!!!!!!! :)