Sunday, July 27, 2008

Using Up **NEW** and Old stash?!

Remember yesterday I mentioned I wanted to use my stash and eventually stream-line my little craft room? I also mentioned the guilt I feel for having SO MUCH stuff??? I also said,"What will I use up next??? I am super inspired by a card I saw here:"

I am often inspired by cards or techniques I see on other blogs. I sometimes even jot down notes on a small notepad I keep by the computer, then put the note on my craft table for a time I can create later. When "later" arrives, I don't always have the same enthusiasm I had earlier. Except Laura Fredrickson's card (link above). It has haunted me *** in a good way***. I can't get it out of my head!

I had to make an unscheduled visit to my chiropractor; my neck was not cooperating. He told me to put ice on my neck when I got home, then again before bedtime. He also asked that I walk around a little bit, instead of hopping right back in the car to go home. So, you see, I had to walk down to Michael's. Doctor's orders! And it did not cost any more gas money. I had my 40% coupon I used to buy an adhesive refill, then I went over to see if there was anything in the $1 bins. I saw a set of 6 notecards and envelopes. The notecards are flocked. I bought them to CASE Laura's card.
I went through my coordinating cards & envelopes drawer, looking for larger cards (not my usual A2) and I pulled out an old Value pack from Michael's. There were exactly 6 cards left. Wahoo! It was a sign :) I went through my colored vellum drawer, and chose these three (yellow, aqua, and purple) colors.

I made the first black & white card, "With Sympathy", while I was trying to come up with the dimensions for the layers to re-create Laura's beautiful card. (The other 5 used the vellum and I popped the entire panel on the 5 with dimensionals.)
Then I figured out the dimensions to make room for the brads. I have some brads I bought from the same store I purchased the colored vellum. These were the first brads I ever purchased! They are very hard to use. I used them all up on the first two cards. Wahoo!!! Then I used MM or SU! brads, which are much easier to use :) I made all six cards; 2 "With Sympathy", 2 "Congratulations!", and 2 "Thank you very much". The sentiments are all Anna Griffin stamps.
So I don't feel too guilty about buying those notecards, since I used them all up already. I just had to put the envelopes that came with the note cards in my envelopes drawer.


Leslie Hanna said...

What a cool card! Today someone at my market mentioned I needed more general "Congratulations" cards, so I may have to CASE this puppy. I know I have colored vellum somewhere... or maybe I'll do colored paper under plain vellum ... or patterned vellum ...

Kristie said...

Those cards are just lovely Miss June. You are doing really well in your quest to get rid of your stash! Although I am begining to wonder just how big that stash is....can we have pictures? or is it just too scary? LOL!!!

lauren bergold said...

holy moly you did such a good job CASE-ing that at first i actually thought the picture *WAS* of laura's card!!! i thought, "oh how nice, june is not just giving a link...she's SHOWING the 'target card'!"!!! :)

WOW!!!!! you did a GREAT job and how very fab that you found *flocked* $1 notecards for "the cause"!

ps: if my chiro was next to anything crafty i would be in there ALLLLLLLLL the time and not so much as blink! (hope the neck is better!)

Lavender Rose said...

I love the vellum overlays on this stylish card, stunning! I am so pleased I came across your blog via the link on Caardvarks after I entered this week's challenge as your work is fabulous and I have really enjoyed looking. I must add a link to your blog on my list of favourite blogs so I can keep up to date with your latest creations :)