Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh, Boy!

Oh, boy! Six days since my last post. Where is the time going? I don't even know what I've accomplished this week. Until yesterday...(stay tuned; I'll explain at the end of the post).
I did finally get a chance to get into my craft room. I have sold all of my baby boy cards at both stores, but I still have plenty of baby girl cards. Oh, boy! I made six like this. It feels nekkid; I wanted ribbon, but couldn't come up with anything. The oval stamp (SU) "Little bundle of JOY" has stars (one tiny one on the left and one tiny one on the right). I remember my SU silvers kit has these large brads with stars. I remembered because I wondered when I would ever use them. Funny how often I think that, and I usually end up using it and it is one of the first things I use. The dp is DCWV; the blue is Bazzill cs. The dp has glitter on the pufts of smoke, so I used my Sakura to add glitter to the SU stamp stars and stroller. This card seems really dull to me...the case of the missing mojo...
Next I tried to finish up a set of cards I started 2 months ago. I'll post those tomorrow. Still feel like my mojo is out of focus, but they are done. Now I need to make a birthday card for my friend, Reagan. Her birthday is tomorrow! I'll be a day late, I guess :(
So after I finished these cards, I started a load of laundry and went to the basement to see if dh and the girls were ready for breakfast. The girls were watching Doug finish playing our Wii fit (we've had for 10 days and we are totally addicted.) I decided to go ahead and weigh in and play a balance game (I love the one with the balls!) When I was at the second level, I heard water running. I said to dh, "I think the girls left the water running in the bathroom sink." Doug checked, but no, that was not the case. Water was dripping out of the ceiling vent in the bathroom, which was coming from the floor vent in the laundry room. Oh, boy! Doug ran upstairs and yelled for me to come up. There was a lot of water in the laundry room, ready to overflow into the kitchen. So you now know how our Sunday morning went :)
Here is the good part. I am a classic tangential thinker. In fact, my blog friend, Leslie (and now real life friend too...we've met twice in person) posted a funny read on this very topic:
After the water was finally soaked up and dh was wringing out the towels, sheets, beach towels, and rags we used to soak it up, I started to clean behind the dryer. I've had this on my "to do" list for a while, so now was the perfect time. So I went under the kitchen sink for my cleanser, where I noticed the large container of soft soap was nearly empty. So I re-filled the soap dispenser so I could recycle the container and clean out under the sink at the same time. There was a ring on the laundry room floor from a paint can we used to paint the girls' bedroom, so I also needed an SOS pad. Kathryn asked for some juice, so when I went in the refrigerator, I saw that some beef I defrosted had blood that went down the shelf and soaked the base of the fridge (inside the fridge, but under the bottom drawer vegetable crisper.) So I pulled that drawer out and started scouring that nasty mess up. While I had out the SOS pad I did go scrub off that rust ring on the laundry room floor. I've also wanted to go through the door of the fridge. ~6 months ago my doctor found I have a sensitivity to fructose. I am not supposed to have any fructose or sucrose, and absolutely no artificial sweeteners. That translates into almost no condiments, dressings, or sauces/marinades which I keep on the fridge door. (Don't pity me; I've lost 15 pounds and I'm off my blood pressure medicine. My doc says undiagnosed sensitivities can cause lots of health problems and for me this was weight gain and high blood pressure even though I eat healthy.) As I started filling up counter space with condiments to be dumped and containers rinsed to recycle, I noticed the 25 lb. box of almonds that I recently purchased, that I stuck in the laundry room when it arrived, but was now taking up counter space from the flood :) So I went into my cabinets where I keep my Tupperware containers for storage/leftovers. I pulled out my largest containers until the almonds were neatly put away. We have plenty of these containers for leftovers and pantry items, but sometimes we keep tubs from store bought items as containers. Why? I decided to clean out this cabinet now. In less than 5 minutes, I put all the store bought containers in our recycle bin and the cabinet is neat and organized. While I re-org'ed the containers, dh dumped the condiments, rinsed the containers, and put them in the recycle bin. Back to the fridge: Oh, boy! These shelves are dirty. I pull them all out and start washing. DH politely tolerates these episodes of mine. He lovingly calls them my "panic mode". He dried the shelves while I washed. You may be thinking I should nominate him for dh of the year, right? My spree did not end there. We also did our deck (it is windy here in the 'burg, and our furniture blows around out there and our grill cover blows off.) In less than 10 minutes, we threw away some summer toys the girls used and destroyed, we swept up all the leaves, straightened up the furniture, and covered the grill.
I did the kitchen pantry and lazy susan corner cabinet last weekend for the annual food drive. Our entire house is purged and clean now except for the basement and my craft room. I do these area house purges every few months. I like my house neat and orderly, and cleaning out is very liberating. I've also been inspired recently by Oprah's Peter Walsh de-cluttering homes. He advises getting rid of anything you have not used in a year. I can't quite do that. Especially in my craft room! But I continually work toward this goal. I especially would love a craft room makeover :)


Leslie Hanna said...

Holy carp, Batwoman! What a day! And yes, hubby gets a gold star, at least, for tolerating your episodes. I have these on occasion, and my counter also fills with partially-filled, needs-to-be-dumped-and-recycled jars of "things". It is quite liberating when you are done though - I totally agree!

And for the card, if you have some little baby-type charms, how about a thin piece of ribbon (baby blue comes to mind (or anything sheer, really, so it does not overwhelm the pretty paper), then hang the charm off the ribbon when you tie the knot.

Leslie Hanna said...

Oops, I missed a ')', but you get an extra comment. ;-)

lauren bergold said...

omg--i am soooooooooo glad i am not the only one who goes KERRRRRRAYYYZEEEE on a cleaning binge like that!!! :) seriously, i am comforted by your tale; possibly not the "supportive friend" stance...but honest and heartfelt i assure you!

re the card...i was gonna say "ribbon" as well...between the pattern block & the sentiment; i like leslie's charm idea also!

Kristie said...

Like Lauren I too am reassured that I'm not the only one! Maybe we are all just waaayyy too alike ;) Yesterday I started to tidy my work desk, realized I needed more shelf space in my room (cause it's been taken over by craft stuff!), packed up all my novels that I don't get time to read anyway, moved boxes of books out to the garage for storage, shifted books from one book case to another, made a whole heap of space, then my back packed it in for the day and I was left with my desk looking worse than it was when I started!!!!! Thank goodness it's acupuncture day!
I think the card is super cute...with or without ribbon :)