Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Iris Folding Magenta Card

I am still thinking of my conversation I had with fellow Design Diva, Sheryl, from last week.
I mentioned that I had numerous class kits from when I taught at Memories from 2004-2007 (in The Closet.)
I also mentioned to Sheryl I have other kits in my computer armoire from classes I taught at various rubber stamp stores from before Memories.
Today's card is from an extra kit I still have from an iris folding class I taught at The Rubber Chicken in Maryland. The cs had already been stamped , embossed, and cut. All I had to do was assemble. I may have enough to eke out one more card. The stamp and dps are by Magenta. The cs is from XPEDX.

I have taught at the following locations:
1. The Eclectic Stamper (Mint Hill, NC), closed
2. Rubber Stamp Palette (Westminster, MD), closed
3. The Rubber Chicken (Montgomery Village, MD), closed
3. Memories (Sterling, VA), closed and
4. Ashburn Family Scrapbook Center (Ashburn, VA) closed.

Do you see a pattern developing here?
Today's moral: If you want your store to stay in business, do not have me teach classes at your location ;)


Leslie Hanna said...

Well, you can teach ME anytime!!! I have never gotten the hang of Iris Folding, and I sure 'nuf have the paper to try it!

That card is real purty!

Tracy said...

honey... if only they'd all had you teach at their stores SOONER

Girlsinthecraft said...

How gorgeous! My friend Cindy just sent me a pattern for an iris fold Christmas tree done with ribbon instead of cardstock. I have done one of these with cs but it was way too much work for me and it didn't turn out anywhere as near as elegant as yours. You make everything look so easy!! :)

lauren bergold said...

HA!!! (as in all things!) i am with TRACY!!! they just jumped on the simply elegant bandwagon a little too late! :)

gorgeous card, btw! if i were not a designated technique-free-zone, i'd be amongst those clamouring to learn said iris folding! YOWZA!