Friday, April 1, 2011

Today is Autism Awareness Day!

I made these shirts for my girls last year using a remnant from JoAnn and heat n bond.
Julia's says:
I have:
  • beautiful eyes
  • a silly sense of humor
  • a great personality
  • Autism

Kathryn's says:
I have:
  • a great imagination
  • a quirky sense of humor
  • a sweet personality
  • Autism

There is a new blood test to check if your body makes an antibody to the folic acid receptor in the brain (one of the many causes of Autism). Your body may make a blocking antibody and/or a binding antibody. When I was in FL for the HoneyBee BEEtreat retreat, I took my twin girls (both of whom are diagnosed with Autism) to be tested. The results came back positive for both of my girls! We started treatment on Wednesday, March 9th. The girls just have to take a mega-dose of folinic acid every day. I don't believe there is a silver bullet for Autism, but this is definitely a contributor. We will take any improvement we can get :) So far over 75% of children tested are testing positive for these antibodies and those children receiving the folinic acid at high doses (1 mg/kg) are beginning to show improvement in as little as 3 weeks! I'll keep you posted as to improvements we see in my girls.

Kathryn's body makes the blocking antibody. So far Kathryn's teacher said for the past two weeks Kathryn is completing all of her morning work with decreased behaviors! She has not completed morning work before starting on the high dose of folinic acid, and this is the most difficult part of her day.

Julia's body makes both blocking and binding antibodies. The only change we have noticed is increased partying (staying awake until 10:30pm+ and singing) at night. She is also counting mixed coins without any help from me! This may not be a result of the folinic acid though; Julia has an awesome group of teachers this year...I love them all!

Have you hugged an Autie today?


BettyBee said...

Yay, June! I am SO happy that you are such a smart MOM and go after all of the best info out there for your wonderful little girls. I learned so much from you. I look forward to hearing about all of the progress the girls make. Hug the sweet Auties for me! I love their shirts.

Linda Breedlove said...

Thank you for this post, June. I appreciate this information.
Have a Happy Day!

Michelle VP said...

Clever and creative shirts! I have a friend with an autistic son. I'll have to ask her if she has heard of these tests or not. Thanks for sharing the info. :) I found you through Momo's blog.

Anonymous said...

I could just hug you and the girls right now. I love those shirts, I absolutely treasure everything you shared with us, and I'm going to be praying mightily for all the little baby step improvements. That's all that matters, and they are wonderful. You are so fortunate, they are absolutely beautiful, and I should know because I look at their momma's picture every day when I visit!!!!! *mwah*

Kristie said...

I really hope that you see the improvements you are hoping really are an awesome mum, the way you are always looking for a way to improve the lives of your girls...PLUS you are super lucky to have such gorgeous girls :)

michelle cook infantino said...

JUNE!! I need to know about this folinic acid thing. Taylor was recently diagnosed with atypical epilepsy also. ON meds and they are taking care of the seizures but I'd love to hear more about this. Your girls are growing so quickly!!!!!!

Julie M said...

I remember these fab t-shirts from last year, June. Have we really been talking to each other that long??!!

Fingers crossed that the folinic acid helps your gorgeous girls - sending them and you cyber hugs across the Atlantic!

Julie x

Judy Ford said...

June, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your girls. The tshirt idea is wonderful! Here's hoping and praying the mega doses continue to help with improvements!!! God Bless you all!!!

Tiff said...

Hello! We turned it BLUE tonight!

leslie (crookedstamper) said...

I also remember these shirts from last year! What GREAT news about the blood tests. I hope you keep seeing improvements!

Doug said...

What cute girls... Good thing they get their looks from their mom!!

Roberta said...

The girls are so grown up and both have such big, beautiful eyes. Great news on the folic acid and wishing you all the best results. Fondly, Roberta

Cortney said...

Hui June! I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Cortney, Roberta's niece. She just sent me the link to your blog and the girls. I am currently teaching in California and I have students with severe Autism. I hadn't heard of the folic acid connection before. I guess that's what Autism Awareness month is for!

Rosemary said... the shirts, but your girls are just too cute!! are such a great ya!

Windy Hills said...

Julia and Kathryn are precious and adorable. Our prayers are with them everyday for success in all that they do!

Kard Queen said...

Cute, adorable, beautiful--they will succeed in all that they do!

joy said...

Hi June! I am loving all your recent creativity--but especially this post. Umm, when did those girls get sooo old?! They are gorgeous and I miss them. Is Kathryn like 5 feet tall :)

Also, thank you for sharing this fascinating information. So glad you're seeing positive results--keep 'em coming!

Take care,

Candy said...

June , those T's are great and your girls are precious!!! I'm so happy to hear of these improvements with your girls.... I worked with an Autistic adult for several years and she was such an amazing person!! Sending you and your girls big hugs and best wishes for continued sucess with the folinic acid treatment!