Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 parts Blackbird, 1 part Spook-alicious, 1 part Cricut, and 1 ribbon...yum!

*This post edited to add Urge to Purge challenge:  create space & DAY 5*

  I spied these in the grocery store and I knew I wanted to make a Halloween gift for "Miss Lynn" (one of our favorite teacher assistants.)  I just needed 3 parts Blackbird (Halloween papers), a Spook-alicious sentiment, a Cricut Elegant Edges oval, and some ribbon to make these treats spooktacular:

  I love these My Mind's Eye "Blackbird" papers!  They are my all-time favorite Halloween papers.  I am going to get more at ShopPumpkinSpice.  Denine's prices are the best and her shipping is super low; gotta love that :)

papers:  My Mind's Eye "Blackbird"Pumpkins paper, Argyle paper, and Neighborhood paper
stamp:  My Pink Stamper "Spook-alicious"
Cricut cartridge:  Elegant Edges  oblong frame p.65 cut @ 2 1/2"

Have a spooktacular day!

Urge to Purge challenge: DAY 5
  Please join in any time!  Here is a re-cap to get you caught up on the challenge:

  I feel the need to purge my craft room whenever I can no longer find room to put supplies away.  This occurs 2-3 times each year, and I usually work every waking minute for two or three days purging and re-organizing.  This method has worked for me, but is extremely chaotic (gets worse before it gets better and I end up organizing something only to think up a better way to organize it and I spend time re-organizing again.)

  This time I am trying a different tactic:  Phase I:  Purge, Phase II: Re-organize.   I am doing this in three parts:  a) my craft room, b) my craft room closet, c) the stuff piled just outside of my craft room.
I am in Phase I a.  Wherever you are in this process, please share your success via comment or post on your blog.

  I am an organized person, and I get stressed when my craft room feels cluttered.  This is why I chose to only focus on purging:  to create space.  Since I go through this  a couple of times a year, I hope to get it right this time :)

Getting started:
1.  Get three containers:  donate box, gifts box, and trash bag.  (I have already found things in my craft room that I forgot that I made.  These are in my gifts box now.  With less than two months until Christmas, I will start my Christmas shopping in that box!)
2.  Focus only on purging.  (If I come across something and I know where it goes, I go ahead and put it away to avoid a bigger mess during this process.)
3.  Work a little each day; carve out 5 minutes, 15, or 30.  Just do something.  (e.g. if you only have 5 minutes, try putting a few things away if they already have a designated home.  Do not re-organize yet!)
4.  Do what works for you.  I started with what I can see from my work desk.  I like instant gratification :)  You may want to start with the area that bothers you most.  I am saving what I perceive as the most difficult for last (my work desk).

Here is what I did today:

  I have this tower of kid stamps, coloring books, etc. for my girls to play with in my craft room on the card table I have set up for them.  BEFORE picture:
   I had the girls help me purge their stuff.  I moved the green/gold tin and large storage container just outside my craft room (to be dealt with later, Phase I part c),   then I moved the purged tower out into their part of the basement with their other toys:
  Then I moved my card table back:
   I would love to find a permanent home for my light box (dh built for me to help me take better pictures) and for my laptop.  I can't worry about that yet…that is Phase II!

Happy Thursday!


Amy said...

What a great gift idea- I love those papers too! :)Amy

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!!! What a GREAT IDEA!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!! You are AMAZING! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all, those are most excellent gifts, LOVE that you altered them for her, too cute!! And you are SO amazing for the purging and sharing your process with us all, OMG, you are simply incredible!

teachdanz said...

you are being so brutally honest and open with us about your purging:-) I bet it feels good to get those areas organized!! I am hoping you will give us more info on the light box your hubby built you (hint, hint) I am in need of one-

Shauna K said...

such festive packaging- love it! and totally loving this series of your purging :) I'm still workin on my room myself!

Denine said...

What an adorable idea. I think I may have to copy for Pumpkins teacher!

Will you come visit me to help me "PURGE" the craft room... hehehe I which I had your skills. You go girl!!!

Missy said...

These are adorable June, what a great little gift idea!

Linda said...

June, you are making great progress on your room. Wonderful Project!

Pamela said...

Great work! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi June:) Absolutly `Fabulous` always it`s always a pleasure to catch up with all your beautiful creations..Your r4oom make over is looking fantastic!way to go you:):):)TFSloves to yourself Doug and the girls:)
Have a lovely weekend:) xxx