Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Urge to Purge craft room challenge: DAY 3

My My Pink Stamper monthly post is going up in a bit, so I am posting a quick Day 3 progress report.

If you are just joining in, here is a re-cap:
  • Let's purge our craft rooms and make them the happy places we desire for ourselves.
  • I have purged my craft room many, many times before now, but I always did it in 2 or 3 full days.  It was mentally and physically exhausting, and I was happy with the results.  I am feeling overwhelmed right now and I can't spare that kind of time.  I am trying a new approach; small tasks each day.  This may take me a couple of weeks or a month…who knows?  I promised myself I would do SOMETHING every day…even if it was only 5 minutes!
  • I am starting inside the craft room itself.  This will give me some instant gratification in my immediate surroundings.  Then I will start on the closet (oy!)
Today I will tackle 2 drawers of this 6 drawer dresser.   See those Cricut cartridges on top?  There is no room in the dresser.

Here is the top right drawer.  I went through it, and there is nothing to purge.  Just Cricut vinyl, Cricut cartridges, and Cricut Expression info.
Today I emptied one drawer (middle right) and re-organized it's contents to other areas of my craft room.  I re-alphabetized my Cricut cartridges, and they are all now in the top two drawers on the right-hand side.  Here is the top of my dresser now:
Tomorrow I will tackle one or more of the other drawers.

What I learned?
When purging in the past, my room got worse, A LOT WORSE, before it got better.  By tackling this overwhelming task in small daily chores, I am hoping to avoid that…so far, so good :)

I hope these posts are helpful to you!


Claudine said...

Way to go June!! I need to do this too but it just seems over whleming. Maybe I should do it in small baby steps like this.

Sugarlips said...

You are doing great June!! I just did a post on my first day and included pics.

artfuldelight said...

YAY, you are doing so good. :-)

Linda said...

Very helpful! I keep looking at the containers to put all the cartridges and overlays in but I am not big on more plastic and the boxes are really nice but they do take up a lot of room. I would have a real hard time getting rid of the boxes. I have tried them in many places and because I have a Gypsy I never even go to the boxes. Oh well that is a problem I will have to solve.
I think your idea of a little each day is a great one. Looking forward to seeing that closet. LOL

CarlaKH said...

My results the last two days are ZIP but I am hoping to do some on the weekend! I have a TON of paper to purge...

Jen R said...

Great job June...I love when my cartridges are alphabatized! :)

Court said...

Go girl go!