Friday, June 6, 2008

8x8 album for FIL

I originally started an 8x8 album with pics of the girls from birth to give as a gift for my FIL's (aka Granddaddy) birthday, which is May 1st. I made a complete 20 page album the first year (you know it tapers off after that!) The next year I purchased another album and made 12 LOs; I scrapped the best pics from each month. The next year I created more pages the same way and started on the 3rd album. Then life got in the way, and May 1st, 2007 I had no pages made for him. (I had to get a store bought gift!) So last Christmas I had some pages for him completed through December 2006. Well, May 1st, 2008 I gave him the SU! school album ( because I still had not made pages. I knew he would be here visiting from NC this weekend (he never misses the girls' birthday), so this past week I got busy. The pages I made from Jan-May 2007 were okay, but this was one of my favorite LOs I made for June 2007. BTW, I completed album #3 with all the new LOs (21 total). I finished scrapping my favorite pics of the girls through July 2007 for now.
I gotta get back to making cards for the coffee shop :)


lauren said...

WOW!!! what an amazing project! i am sure grand-daddy must be THRILLED with such an amazing gift!!! (and who wouldn't be?!!)

Kristie Morrison said...

That is so sweet, and that LO is absolutely gorgeous....and now at least we know where some of your scraps are coming don't just magic them up outa thin air....LOL.
Hope the girls have a fantastic birthday and enjoy their visit with their Granddaddy!
PS You made me think of how excited I used to get as a kid when my Poppy was coming to visit...happy thoughts! {HUGS}