Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Threw This Away & Blog Candy

First, don't forget to enter for my blog candy by midnight, June 7th. There will be two winners, one for each challenge. Click here:

I have another entry. Wahoo! Thank you, Kristie! To see her card, click here:

Now, to dispell the rumors that I never throw anything away, I did throw these little pieces of dp away. But first I cut 1/2"x4" strips (I could only eke out 5). I pulled out this grey cs scrap and a red-orange cs scrap again from my scrap bag...how odd is that? a color I almost never use and I keep finding it as the best match for my recent scrappy cards... I also used another vellum quote from the "Baby" Quote Stack. The blue card base is DCWV. The dp scraps and card base are the same as this card: http://simplyelegantpapercrafts.blogspot.com/2008/05/do-you-believe-in-signs-i-do.html
I am taking this card to the post office this morning for our cousin (first cousin, once removed), Michael. He is graduating high school. I think it is safe to post...I doubt that Michael reads my blog :)

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lauren said...




(hey--*you* started it!!!) :)

i looooooooove this card! it is INDEED awesome! also, it's mighty reassuring that the amazin' june *occasionally* throws stuff away...tho actually...you could've shredded those bits and included them as festive confetti...


ps: i have my gatefold card MOSTLY DONE (or it may *be* done...and i just haven't realized yet!) and just have to complete my "scraps" card. (izzit cheatin' if ya use big pieces of everything for the first card so you definitely have enough of the scraps you wanted to make the second card??) (nevermind. forget i asked!) (not that i would DO THAT...i mean *sheesh*...WHO would DO THAT?!) (as a matter of fact, forget i was even here!) (move along, folks...nuthin' to see...) whistles casually

(btw, june, is your name *SAM*??!)