Monday, October 15, 2007

2 Birthday cards & 2 Awards

***WARNING: Long post, but worth the read, I hope***
Two more cards using Bazzill chips. (In case you are wondering, 20 different cs stickers come on a sheet. I gave two away, and I have 6 left still!)

I want to thank my good friend, Tracy ( She bestowed the "Creative Blogger Award" upon me: For those who incorporate art, music, creative writing, photos, and other beautiful visual effects into their website. For those who put a unique spin on things and come up with new ideas. This award is for the artsy, the funky, the inventor, and even the rebel. This award is for those creative individuals who stand out from the crowd.

I wish to nominate Amy ( for this award. Amy is a new blogger, but I have known her for over a year. I love her cards and creations.

I also want to thank Jean (, who I have not known nearly as long as sweet Tracy, but I have deep respect and affection for. Jean awarded me with the "The Inspirational Blogger Award": For those bloggers who inspire others through their words and actions. With a positive attitude, and an uplifting spirit these bloggers make the blogosphere a better place, and encourage others to do the same. This award is for bloggers who rise up to set an example but continue to reach out and support others."

I would like to nominate Lauren ( for this award. If she is not on your favorites, add her NOW! I dare you not to smile and giggle at her posts. Lauren has a fantastic sense of humor and wonderful whimsical cards.

I love you, Tracy & Jean! I feel so honored that these two creative and art geniuses think so much of me, the math geek :) Everytime I get a blogger award my husband says,"And I've been nominated to the National Geographic Society." Should I give him a playful smack?


Tracy said...

big hug and smack back to you - the other kinda smack to the husband lol (doug you know we love you!)

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

yes!!! Big hug and smack!!! just the same as Tracy!!! I am proud to know you! truly! xox

Amy Sheffer said...

June, you're the best! Thank you so much for the encouragement you've given me. You know I adore you!

lauren bergold said...

awwwwwwwwww thanks, june! you are too, too, nice...and of course you know the whole nominating thing goes RIGHTBACKATCHA!!! :)

(& yeah...a little a *nice* way...for LHD...)

lauren bergold said...

ps: forgot to say, the cards are FAB!