Monday, October 1, 2007

November 2005 completed

I know I posted the left page when I originally made it for a class I taught, but I bought extra paper to make it a 2-page spread. So here is the right page too! Twelve pictures on two pages is a lot for me, but not my record. I'm a "less is more" kinda girl in general; but not always. I think that is why I enjoy all the blogs I visit; I appreciate both the "more is more" styles that do 1 pic with lots of embellies and the "less is more" simplistic in design, but elegant. Blogging would be boring if everyone scrapped the same way, kwim? Now that I've finished scrapbooking 2004, this is my start of 2005. I'll go back and do January-October; but when I saw these papers, I knew I had to do an autumn month. I love Basic Grey papers!


Tracy said...

you see i'm so out of it i've never seen those papers - very pretty! and looky at all those pics you got onto one layout --- ooooooeeeee! and such cute pics of the girls!

lauren bergold said...

i love BG too! loooooove these pics! cannot believe you can get 12 on there--and STILL it doesn't feel overcrowded...nor the pics too small! wow!

(ps: which am *I*...less is more or more is more...??!) :) :) :)