Friday, October 12, 2007

Brain Fog

I went to the coffee shop yesterday morning for a coffee date with my dh. Then I went to the girls' school to chaperone the field trip to the Pumpkin Farm in Bluemont, VA. Leesburg used to be the boonies, but Bluemont is over the mountain in the middle of nowhere. We all arrived safely, used the potty, then rode the tractor-pull hay ride out to the patch. The plan then was to ride back to the farm to see the animals and pig races, etc. After exiting the hay ride, my daughter, Kathryn, walked about 8 feet and fell, creating a 1.5" x.125" cut above her left eyebrow. It took 15 minutes for the fire engine and ambulance to reach us. Kathryn and I rode in the ambulance back to Leesburg, where she had this cut nicely sewn up with just 6 stitches. My sweet brown eyed girl was a real trooper! I was so proud of her (I still feel like a wreck inside), but Kathryn is doing quite well.

This morning my dh asked me if I wanted to go on a bonus coffee date (we usually have our coffee dates once each week.) Of course I said, "YES, as long is it is not followed by any more accidents!" We went on our date, and all the halloween cards and birthday cards from Monday's post have sold. I came home, made more Halloween and birthday cards, and took them back to Greenberry's . I forgot to take pictures to post here on my blog! Serious brain fog going on here!


lauren bergold said...

OOF! poor little gal! what a trooper!!! i have a feeling that this actually hurt MAMA more than kathryn tho! no wonder you've got a bit o'brain fog! (hey--great news...but no suprprise...that the cards are selling like hotcakes!)

Tracy said...

oh poor bunny - and the hospital ain't fun (i've been to the er too many times - even when its not busy it sucks)
i hope you're all calmed down now miss ;-)

Ila said...

Well I sure am glad your daughter was okay! I had a few similiar experiances with my kids. so Scary isn't it?.
I am so glad your cards sold...surprised??..Absolutely not..your work is Fabulous!!..You Go Girl!!

Amy Sheffer said...

Such a sad little face in that photo. I hope she's feeling better each day. Great news about the cards, but like the others said ... no surprise. You do great work!